Grasp the requirements is the key to successful registration activities

on how to register the activities of Taobao sellers topic, we have seen a lot, but also a lot of discussion. In the end how to quickly through the activities of the audit? Friendly reminder: the key to the success of the registration activities – grasp the requirements!


The first step of

: the priority among priorities, read the


a lot of sellers like lazy friends, feeling too much trouble to see the activities, the use of sea investment tactics, all activities have to sign one by one. As everyone knows, such behavior is too stupid. As a net platform to push down the settled down, the daily discount station often meet the seller to ask why the event did not pass the registration, a large part of the seller’s friend is not seen at all merchants blindly registration requirements.

why did not pass, go to change, not only a waste of time but also to the activities of the platform staff leave a bad impression, rather than start honestly according to the requirements of the operation. Only know the requirements of the activity, in order to apply for registration, such as analytical mathematics problems, according to the point of scoring.

second step: the appropriate selection

Why should you choose

? The solution to this problem comes from the purpose of your participation. Participate in activities, is not only to improve the popularity and sales activities of goods, it is more important to flow drainage, make baby getting hot, and then the related marketing, so as to drive the other baby store sales. A suitable product, including its own popularity value, sales, price range, etc.. If the choice of goods and inexpensive, it is the buyer’s first choice, the platform will naturally not refuse your application.

author in the long-term observation found that the majority of the seller’s registration of goods are almost 0 of the sales, so the product registration is not much practical significance. Even the active platform through the audit, your baby is also difficult to transform.

synthesis of the above two points, in fact, enrollment is not difficult. Of course, in addition to the unspoken rules of the individual platform itself does not follow the rules, we exclude this, after all, a few. Remember, the key to the success of the registration activities – to grasp the requirements of this article from the daily fold reprint please respect the copyright, to retain the original address! WeChat public number: cnzzfamily