Forum to promote the operation of 3 new methods

we do the forum, feel very good promotion, and we come to explore 3 ways to ensure that you see, there will be a great harvest oh.

the first kind: forum activities AD: no matter what kind of forum you are doing, you can use this method. You only need to organize activities in the forum, or the latest campaign, and then to some big forum information release the information release, then there will be a lot of enthusiastic members to help you get the information reproduced to a lot of information inside the AD Forum Forum, so, you just wait to IP.

second: the use of SNS promotion, to find a more popular SNS site, (in the school as an example):

1, plus the first NNNN friends, this is a must, there is not enough quantity, there is no good effect (who can develop a batch search, batch add friends tools like).

2, add friends are playing the game, because most of these games can be interactive, it is something you can swap, so as to form an interactive process, in the game you can set the text place ad, OK.

3, modify the individual signature for advertising language, because the character signature of a modified, all the friends that will prompt, so there will be a good advertising effect, when the other content is squeezed down, then modify.

4, it is best to have a tool can be good friend home, they will have someone to visit, there will be a natural habit long look like you, then you’re in their campus photos with the watermark, which could attract others to your website.

third: that is, to some of the big forum for a long period of time lurking to the post publicity.

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