2013 cross-border nternet marketing case year-end inventory

remember a few months ago, micro-blog said in a media friend now is a manufacturer with the Internet. It is not the pig farming, to introduce the Internet repairer steelmaking gene is?! this is actually to complain that the various Internet concept of speculation, but now in retrospect, whether it is work or speculation and many unrelated industries are using the Internet to carry out cross-border marketing. Today, we will take a look at the recent events of the Internet gene invasion of all walks of life, to see how the effect in the end.

Chu Liu orange peach

Liu Chuanzhi and Zhu Shijian, the South and the north, a IT is a gangster, then get entrepreneurial age old, in addition to the legendary life, they can not find other common. However, orange and kiwi will be two people together, in addition to tell their stories in the propaganda, Chu Liu orange peach also chose a new electricity supplier website "was living" cooperation.

Han Han once in micro-blog made a picture, he received the gift box marked "a complex world is enough," said "is an orange is enough", and echoes of the electronic magazine "Han Han a". Let this very obvious marketing of micro-blog also is not so stiff, the success of the network marketing of the world.

cross index assumes


flicker index.


(Han Han to the original life marketing micro-blog)

carved sirloin

a menu of dishes even less than the number of McDonald’s restaurants in Hongkong, and announced to the "Iron Chef" Dai Long purchased the exclusive formula. The initial mode of business: to play online games like beta. And only invite celebrities to eat free tasting — of course have made micro-blog to help promote. People were invited to double face, not being invited to heart ache to sentence "also invited me, but I have no time to go". Network transmission of a star uninvited from the results rejected more than embarrassment, support more weight of friends to intercede to get into the door. But beta one is half a year, does not invite you to eat the money, it is really worthy of the name of the hunger marketing.


is Internet marketing, micro-blog and WeChat since the opening of the media is indispensable, while the recent bitcoin hit they also claim to accept bitcoin payments, it is what he would do what popular. Although no one really use bitcoins to eat, but also to take this news, Bo eyeball.

cross index assumes


flicker index assumes


(Cang teacher to carved sirloin)

Ding Lei pig

this really can be regarded as the old circle of science and technology circles, remember the first time I heard this