2 times of the 12 network marketing tools and defects analysis

first look at two Tsinghua Science Park Enterprise Information Service Center survey data:

1, only 30% of the institutions have their own web site or network service platform.

95% managers want to use the Internet for expenditure of the agency.

What does the huge gap between

95% and 30% illustrate, and that there are too few Internet tools for the organization?.

2, the 30% network of institutions, there are 85% found their network investment does not play any role, only 15% of the agencies have received network to bring their business opportunities.

look at the survey data information service center two 2008 Tsinghua Science Park Enterprises: have your own website or service platform of network organization, there are 85% found their network investment not play any role, only 15% of the agencies have received network to bring their business opportunities.

current network marketing industry is a phenomenon that is obvious: the demand of the long tail, marketing precision, management control and personalized user experience network marketing features. That is to say we each site, the product has had the market in 2, after everything becomes easy, media fragmentation, product, brand homogeneity, changing consumer information, the marketing activities of enterprises began to produce fatigue; " " consumers become more and more difficult, the original trigger word-of-mouth marketing method more and more problems. So the enterprise need to continue to do long-term institutional interaction / experience marketing propaganda. Pay attention to the marketing function of electronic word-of-mouth, especially taobaobaidu mall paipai’s popularity, there is no website or temporary organization needs a strong network marketing. Then we in this era of interactive marketing who are sharp weapon? Below we common analysis study of twelve kinds of commonly used tools and defects in.

a search engine (mainly referring to the mainland Baidu, etc.) marketing

search engine marketing is a part of integrated marketing essential. In 2 since the explosion of information, the audience in the way to receive information from passive acceptance and added to the query. The trend of search engine marketing strategy including free search engine promotion method and search engine advertising fees, free methods such as login, directory based Search SEO rankings, links to web search results such as natural light gauge, paid search engine advertising include keyword advertising and its optimization and management effect, the search results page ranking ranking, there are two ways to effect: SEO bidding.

: the current search engine marketing in the tort of fraud and unfair phenomenon especially in the auction service, search engine: the scientific definition of tort type; timely evidence of click fraud illegal; companies free to change or delete personal or intermediary results, typical events: Sanlu screen incident, baidu Taobao hush >