Who is exploiting the nternet wasteland

network gave birth to another batch of millionaires, many of the elite network more, but no matter how much they envy of the world, but not including his own shadow. In order to their own interests and hobbies, in order to make money to make the dream of the network, constantly in the effort, and finally, is still a grassroots, in the crawl crawl.

"eggs" under the Internet, there are 12 Internet entrepreneurs, is a representative of strange millionaire into the table class in the Internet age, most of them are children born in 80s, was dubbed the "80" label new-new generation, started to play, but hit the million wealth of these Internet era! The grassroots hero, compared with the mainstream of the Internet CEO letter, their origin is not decent, and even some humble; but compared with the general Internet users, they like a Wenzhou businessman like that unusually shrewd and diligent; they hide in all corners of the world, but the huge energy, or even change the Chinese internet. By what? By their creativity, or network ideas.

when a web site was born and developed, there will be so many people to imitate, such as the navigation station, of course, out of a HAO123, to the number of HAO123 today, I’m afraid no one dares to go. In fact, why should we imitate other people ‘s model. In reality, in the city’s surrounding areas, we can often see a lot of space or land waiting for development, so is the network, a lot of marginal or innovative websites, we still have to go to the development of. If the network is for us to develop the area known as the network of wasteland, with thoughts or ideas to open up wasteland gold can be called a pioneer.

who is in the open network of non pioneer wasteland is?. First of all, the pioneers have their eyes, their eyes can see the network in which the development of wasteland, visible and future direction. Secondly, they have ideas, perhaps a Idea value of millions of value, but that idea is not flying, but some pioneers are able to open up their own network world, develop their own websites.

Webmaster Station, we can often see a lot of site ideas, a lot of ideas are really. But it is not suitable for everyone, we need to brew their own ideas, to develop their own network to see the land, that is suitable for their own, because the idea is the birth of their brains, for many others think of the things you want to know every detail is fine, how to control and operation. So the Webmaster: pioneering ideas, mainly is to give us a direction of thinking, perhaps from the success of others on the path of another out of their own way.

in College Based pioneer forum [www.sankle.com], mainly college students gathered a webmaster, with their knowledge and vision, to explore the network of wasteland, together to stimulate the construction of website ideas, and share their ideas, to find another piece of land. However, only the idea is not enough, but also to be able to implement it