Speed transit nstitute open class WeChat began marketing how to play


speed transit network November 28th news (reported Wang Yanan) Internet subversion of the traditional business model, mobile new media is to subvert the marketing environment. In the face of new media marketing new electricity supplier, enterprises should do? How to transform the traditional enterprise


by the mobile new media marketing training institutions China largest current content of new media marketing and mobile marketing services to build the speed transit network – speed transit Institute, the first phase of the open class WeChat marketing began first in the Beijing area in December 6, 2014. The special invitation led and participated in the more than and 500 WeChat public account operations and promotion work, and provide a platform for WeChat marketing services for hundreds of enterprises by teacher Liu Xiapu.

at the same time, according to the market demand of Shenzhen District, speed transit academy public course — the "micro forum in December 7, 2014 will also be opening. Will adhere to every half a month to hold a WeChat operation to promote the frequency of salon training, so that enterprises and students to gain knowledge, but also to promote the expansion of industry contacts.

speed transit network is the first mobile new media marketing and one of the micro electricity supplier operating with WeChat explorer, open platform strength, combined with their own content team advantage, transformation to create speed transit network from the media alliance and micro media alliance, to continue to explore in the field of new media, from IT, the Internet to health, automobile, entertainment, education and other areas of new media to expand coverage. At present, the micro media alliance’s IT Internet, health care, entertainment, automotive, education WeChat subscription number has more than 30 million subscribers. Become one of the leaders of the new media transformation.

relying on their years of professional speed transit network content of new media marketing and mobile marketing services practice, speed transit Institute front-line combat personnel, self polymerization of the domestic first-class Internet Co executives, industry experts, aims to create a professional mobile new media marketing research and training institutions, think various industries and enterprises in the field of mobile Internet, marketing, strategy the organization, human and culture based on the full range of services, from the president to the staff, build all-round, multi-level learning solutions and system transformation of the Internet methodology, help traditional enterprises from strategy, business model, marketing, four levels of organization to complete the transformation of the internet.

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