Love wolf management but have to know that you are not a wolf

following HUAWEI, more and more enterprises to "wolf culture" as the management of the law, they believe that in such a survival of the fittest, the survival competition in the market, just like the wolf remains of the wild fighting spirit to let yourself to an invincible position. However, enterprises in the implementation of the wolf management process has always been aware of two points:


, a beast we learn not the wolf, but the wolf really. Two, the object of management is not the wolf.

learn true wolf

what is the real wolf? It is a kind of positive and enterprising spirit. It is also a kind of team spirit. The wolf once found hard to stare at a target will, perseverance, single-minded, not up to, not to give up; in the target appears, the wolf will lead the wolves collective attack, and attack each wolf a clear division of responsibilities, because this work everything in good order and well arranged, the wolf and fighting capacity of the organization is quite amazing. Learn the true wolf, companies should do the following:

1, firm goal, perseverance and

in the face of changes in the market situation, the enterprise in the pre research and fully consider the situation, once the target has been determined, we must unswervingly strive to achieve. Management needs to make a reasonable monthly plan and annual plan for the target, and report the result to the leader regularly.

2, leaders should enhance their own strength

as a leader is the leader of the team, any of his decisions can have a certain impact on the team. Therefore, leaders must enhance their own strength to better lead the team. In the face of their own weaknesses, leaders need to continue to learn and practice to enhance their own strength; in the face of the advantages, you need to continue to strengthen the leadership and even expand the advantages, so that it becomes a team advantage. In addition, the leader should strengthen their role cognition, focus on a little to make himself a tiger in a field.



"leaders understand that victory is not to say that they are strong, but that they are more careful than the opponent." The wolf as part of the food chain, both to avoid the powerful lion on his face and peep his considerable strength for the population of food, more than their weak trend always insight into the flock, the sensitive smell will help to them. In the market competition, enterprises need to learn the wolf’s insight, don’t be misled by false appearances, dynamic real-time control of competitors and customers, understand each other’s mental attitude, to carefully make their ease in the competition.

4, stimulate the potential of employees


team is using the core of "wolf culture" enterprise management, excellent team work cannot do without the efforts of each member, thus enhancing employee personal strength, a mining > is crucial to their inherent potential is in the process of enterprise management