Three demons WeChat marketing

today I share with you is the theme of the three demons to WeChat marketing except, that is the mentality of the problem, is my personal experience, maybe not what level of theory, but it is really very simple. In fact, in more sense, is a reflection of it. My previous share is basically speaking community or from the media, since the brand of some of the play, in fact, my WeChat marketing is to create a personal brand, from the star road. I think this play is play, can play more better, also will be more and more fun, I say good refers to the sustainable development of the meaning of the guidelines of Scientific Outlook on Development Oh, spread of the scene or structure in WeChat this otherwise fragmented, it is difficult to rely on other means of long-term play, let others do you remember this talent is the direction and choose the best. If someone did not do so, I suggest you can play, really, I just suggest, is not a mandatory requirement, because this is not everyone can play here, this is a fact, not a blow Oh, a radish pit, not marketing materials don’t force yourself. Sometimes I think WeChat marketing is like a field test, the principle and techniques of these things are important, but the play to a certain extent in the fight is the mentality, have a good attitude to play better and more most incisive, this is the need to practice. WeChat marketing is like sex, bad mood is easy to premature ejaculation is, well, quietly put a force, since the brother was a virgin (at the same time, pushing his face and a wry smile).

a few days ago, I talk to the group asked about WeChat marketing mentality in the evening after 90, the answer is basically all of them said quick. Think of is, this make WeChat marketing no ground for blame. The final is not to make money? Than anyone else who is not noble go, just like the bubble is in order to go to bed the same reason, everyone just means it may not be the same. I am no exception, I do not deny that the utilitarian purpose of me, I believe that many people can feel, but the gentleman’s love of money, in a proper way. A lot of people are too utilitarian, utilitarian heart is too heavy, and finally to play their own block, or even playing dead. For example, some micro business often scraper, and then pulled the black in the end of the circle of friends doesn’t mix, and use a variety of methods such as out of order everywhere powder, even what fans do not understand. Fans are attracted by values, rather than take the initiative to kneel to Tim the attraction is what? Is this person you let others love the feeling, does not exclude fantasy. Many people want to make money, more and more utilitarian, more utilitarian results is not money, caught in a vicious spiral, finally cut off sources of revenue. Zhang Xiaolong said that WeChat is not a marketing tool, of course, is not what he said, but I also want to say that WeChat is not a marketing tool, not like Taobao or Jingdong play. I’m not random people, many others are with me, marketing is the art of seduction, especially WeChat marketing, more is to return to the essence of things. Maybe some people will say, I also often Shuabing ah, yes, but I will do as much as possible to share information or content, "