Taobao push virtual supermarket buy convenience or impact 1 shop


yesterday, located in FMCG sales of life platform Taobao purchase convenience ( formally launched, the current selection of Beijing, Hangzhou to carry out trial operation. The local people can stay at home to buy the supermarket supplies, and can enjoy 24 hours door-to-door.

positioned on platform


is responsible for the "purchase convenience" vice president of Alibaba group ran said, "buy convenience" is Taobao’s new life platform to consumer products. At present, the "purchase of convenience" relates to food and beverage, beauty care, maternal and child supplies, kitchen supplies, department stores, Home Furnishing textile etc. categories, fresh aquatic products Vegetable & Fruit until March of this year will be on the line. There are nearly 10000 kinds of commodities in Beijing.

Tao said, "the purchase of convenience" business cooperation is a line of traditional supermarkets and suppliers by businesses to provide qualified, high-quality products, Taobao give advice, business to determine product line pricing and discounts. At present, the main partners in Beijing, Hangzhou, the world’s top business group metro.

80 yuan package

ran said, although currently only Beijing and Hangzhou two regions began operations, but "purchase convenience" also said that in the trial operation after a period of time, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, and Shenzhen, Chengdu, Nanjing city will also be launched operations, is expected to 3 months after the delivery time is shortened to "the same day, and as the user needs to open the night home delivery service.

it is understood that the "delivery fee standard purchase convenience" is 80 yuan postage, if its commitment to customers in 11 noon in the single order will be served on the same day, 11 points after the order is not supported on the next day, night delivery.

– expert analysis

is inevitable impact on shop No. 1

Taobao to enter the virtual supermarket move, Internet analysts have pointed out that Sun Jie, shop No. 1 and other self oriented mode, Taobao purchase convenience located on the platform, only to take the investment model, the scale and category selection to do more. In addition, many of Taobao’s own electricity supplier resources, can be a short time to buy convenience to bring a large number of users. He believes that the future of Taobao to buy convenience and No. 1 shop to fight the supply chain turnaround efficiency.

at present, the domestic FMCG electricity supplier is the No. 1 store, in 2011 sales of more than 2 billion 700 million, the outside world forecast in 2012 the number of stores sales will exceed 5 billion. Sun Jie believes that Taobao buy convenience will inevitably have a great impact on shop 1. In particular, shop No. 1 is better done in the Shanghai area, the country has not yet fully spread, the convenience of the first cut in Beijing and Hangzhou, but also from the weak link in the 1 shop to break through.