How to make best use of QQ station promotion P6 + +

I just said the method

use QQ space Master city can bring huge traffic, I did the experiment with QQ space, IP every day in more than 60 thousand, then the space is closed! Master City updated once every two days, each time in 12 space space popularity has more than 30 thousand each. Update time is 35 on Monday, every day from 3 to 4 p.m., usually 3:12, I play space for more than three years, this is not how many people than I know!

what are we going to do? Go to their space log to grab the top 15 floors and leave your site! The 12 space can be counted! Each space has a IP of more than 30 thousand days. Each access restricted space has the following avatar refresh automatically updated!

new station for the first time in A5 hair article, excited ah.