Talk about how to integrate their own pet marketing resources

network marketing already known and by too many people, especially the grassroots webmaster, for the network marketing is very important, after all, due to lack of its own resources and technology, want to get traffic through the traditional channels of high cost, time is too long. But let the network marketing play an ideal role is the premise of learning to integrate marketing resources, and integration is not an easy thing. Take me now run the Tibetan mastiff site, some Adsense always love ranking bidding and search means to get traffic, because in their opinion a lot of people are so dry, indeed, such operation will get ideal result. But as a webmaster, we should take into account the investment and return, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, we follow the more personal platform, rather than money, so there must be a comprehensive consideration of all aspects of their own in marketing before.

first: user group analysis

obviously both grassroots or enterprise, doing marketing for their own user groups before detailed analysis, then the efforts were in vain. The Tibetan mastiff the pet, the owner is mostly economic strength are rich people, so the Tibetan mastiff belongs to a small niche market, seize the best niche and more accurate marketing. In addition, pay attention to Tibetan mastiff populations, they search the Tibetan mastiff Related words mostly concentrated in trading, raising attention as well as the Tibetan mastiff breeding, so the content to discard redundant contents to the creation of these things. Through the comprehensive comparison of these two points, the main audience of such sites is the Tibetan Mastiff in young male, therefore it is necessary to start analysis of the website which one they pay more attention to. To be honest, there are quite a number of visitors do not quite believe that online sales of the Tibetan mastiff, they love to store to buy, or simply to find acquaintances to buy. Because of fear of fraud, after all is not a small thing, the price is very high in Tibetan mastiff. This requires the Tibetan mastiff site need in the process of marketing based on local business, combined with the line scribing, the local store marketing, some time ago launched a "Tibetan mastiff blind conference", is to provide a service platform, indeed attracted many Shijiazhuang Tibetan mastiff lovers, this down to earth marketing is clearly more suitable site.

second: brand building

everything is hard in the beginning, the Tibetan mastiff pet station also is so, we need to gradually establish their own true degree and professional degree, in order to attract more users to come to visit, and to establish a brand also cannot do without the user’s attention to. Can not be denied is that concern the Tibetan mastiff information users on the network is not in the minority, but they also did indeed have to buy, the reason for the delay can not start, because cannot produce enough trust. When someone in the relevant problems on your site keeping Tibetan mastiff, the best customer service staff can collect visitor contact information, such as: QQ, mobile phone number. Of course, the information you provide is also sincere enough, can not be guided by advertising, but also can not deceive the user, grassroots only on the Internet