All things used to not bangdakuan marketing

the ancients said: "all things I used, but not belong", the famous British scientist Newton said: "I was successful, is because I stand on the shoulders of giants", man is a social animal, all successful people are not on their own individual play their own piece of heaven and earth, must be reasonable to help Zhuge Kongming borrow is the classic marketing occasion even woman and children all know.


Zhuge Kongming is the classic

performed by the wind

since ancient times, "all use" "borrow" is an effective method for marketers not only clearly aware of their weak advantage in some aspects, more aware of themselves with iron, and can make a few nails Co. ".

today all marketing activities (including network marketing), the emphasis is to use all their available forces to their desire to achieve the goal of marketing – including SEO, PPC and SMO (all advertising and social media marketing) is a popular way of marketing occasion.

A successful example of

marketing occasion was undoubtedly the most famous be too numerous to enumerate, such as Mengniu by "Shenzhou" flying potential deepen Chinese impression, Lining brand by Beijing Olympic Games to the world and other potential. The most famous occasion marketing network marketing when the number during the Wenchuan earthquake, Wang Laoji borrow the people pay attention to potential "to donate to donate one hundred million, drink to drink" kill Wang Laoji Wang Laoji "".

but more important marketing occasion in "containing" not only "by the" more important "by the people of any potential", "borrow the behavior" the ultimate goal is to "borrow force" in the Zhuge Kongming "borrow" behind, his most successful marketing occasion achievements is the sun Liu alliance ", the" Sun Liu coalition "may have" borrow "the brilliant — more talk about the" borrowing potential ", because as long as a better grasp of how to" borrow "potential", the current "is very easy.

as a grass-roots Internet business, the most successful marketing occasion when the number of ZAC cases, he consciously through the Internet "celebrity" trend in marketing, "network marketing" said: "most of the social network is a super user (opinion leaders) depth affect the entire community, control the main content of community", "I write in the blog noted that the famous IT blogger Hong Bo (keso), (then) is the main domestic users of 365key main bookmarking sites (opinion leaders), he recommended articles often can be on the front page", in ZAC through the "premeditated" blog comment, attract Hong Bo (keso) on his blog, and then to Hong Bo (keso) like writing a series of articles, the articles although not recommended, but overall reached ZAC to achieve the effect of.

After the

victory, ZAC potential by celebrities marketing.