Fu Sheng how to be a startup CEO


technology news July 20th morning news, yesterday, cheetah CEO Fu Sheng Fu Sheng in High chat conversations with Zhang Quanling, starting from his own experience, talk about how to do a startup CEO, speech, a lot of vivid examples to share with entrepreneurs.

below is part of the speech record:

Fu Sheng: first of all thank you! Many friends from afar. More than two months ago, I discussed with the spring of what is the Internet, and then I said, I made a small project called Fu sheng. If you have a chance, look at the Internet from your perspective. This topic is her, called "how to be a CEO startup" or how to start.

this problem is very difficult. I think for a long time. Because I also continue to venture in the process, constantly convince myself, what is the feeling of entrepreneurship


I’ve seen people who can do a little bit. It’s so hard to feel the same thing, like climbing out of a dead man’s pile. Sometimes, your win, is not really related to you, even their own are not very sure.

once, I was interviewed, I said if you want me to cross the past, say, "Fu Sheng you come again". Jinshan network, cheetah this thing, I think I might not do it. Because it is too difficult! How difficult is it? It is difficult to achieve, and it is far beyond your control.

entrepreneurship is the biggest difficulty is too free, no direction

I remember, just out from the Qihoo 360, to sum up their two, "the sky, sea and sky diving". Every day looking at a new world, full of curiosity, over time, become confused. The day is too high, the sea blue, every day face numerous choices.

looked up every day, every day, I think, my idea is not a problem, is it possible to do. Finally summed up, the biggest difficulty is too free, free to you easily lose direction.

at that time, there is a card on the net, often said, Chinese bomb from the atomic bomb, took only a few years time, faster than the United States, the Soviet Union, but he said, in fact, the first atomic bomb made and back to recreate the atomic bomb, the difficulty is not the same. The gap between heaven and earth.

it’s hard to know if this thing can be made because there is no atomic bomb. You don’t have this path. When others do it, you can make a new one. You know, it can. You have narrowed the scope and become an engineering problem. And the beginning is only a matter of exploration. The difficulty of the two questions, very different.

I am

from the Qihoo, first met Lei, he asked me a question, "360 how is it made?" I said, with four people, made hundreds of millions of users, the company name is me. Actually, I don’t even attend a company meeting