Underground financing transactions soaring who is the most popular trader of the nternet Co


"deep network" reported group the pancone Wang Xiao

want to become China’s richest shareholder, we have the opportunity to allow you to invest in MA (micro-blog) and Wang Jianlin, provided that at least 2 million of the funds in your hands."

the evening of May 26th, a Beijing Asset Management Co employees to "deep web" to Wanda Commercial and ant payment service financing documents, and to persuade us to invest in the phone, "the two companies are hot, don’t throw too late."

for domestic investment for high income earners, such a scenario may not be familiar with, the past six months, 360, Iqiyi, ant gold clothing, travel, finance, LETV Jingdong by car, or will the music as sports such as a large number of listed Internet Co began retail investment in the primary market perspective.

of course, such a transaction cannot be put in the spotlight, in fact, the Commission is to strengthen the investigation and supervision of the investment behavior, and the ant gold clothing, Iqiyi and other project financing is repeatedly denied involvement in the official foreign retail financing behavior.

at the end of May, the Shenzhen A shares related merger bursts of inquiries, asked Wanda film and Yongle Film two was acquired by the subject through disclosure of shareholders, through calculation, if the counterparty total number of more than 200 people, and the partnership has traded assets, equity partners have partnership interests in time the suspension of the transaction within six months before the supplementary disclosure meets the relevant issue of the number of objects on the principle of not more than 200 other provisions; if not in the first six months of suspension, supplementary disclosure meets the "non listed public company regulatory guidelines No. fourth – more than 200 non listed Limited by Share Ltd for issues related to administrative licensing examination the number of shareholders and other relevant provisions of the guidelines".

it is understood that this is the first time the exchange of backdoor, M & A transactions to track 200 shareholders limit.

The risk of a

market in the retail? Renaissance package where the founder (micro-blog), first of all, the level of market characteristics is not suitable for retail, no liquidity, no risk of the release process, investors may lose everything; secondly, the venture capital market due to the lack of scattered households disclosure mechanism, lack many scam. "Once the project failure situation worse, from the field of venture capital investment to the failure of the project for many years, investment institutions can be closed until the company did not inform retail investors, stay off a long time." Bao fan said.

but this did not stop the current retail investment enthusiasm, A stock market nearly a year of turmoil, the lack of high-quality assets, individual investors are waiting for the market to add the concept of the Internet and other high-quality investment targets, in front of hundreds of 50% or even several times the high-yield temptation, the final choice of private equity fund investment opportunities.

casually promised high returns

in May 28th, the "deep web" was linked to a