New interior decorative coatings market prospects

China is the world’s third largest consumer of paint, the annual consumption of more than 2 million tons, the market capacity of more than 20 billion, is still in the annual growth rate of 20%-30%. However, the internal wall decoration market, a variety of brands of latex paint due to color monotony, no pattern selection, has become a barrier to marketing. Traditional wallpaper, wall decoration materials such as ten in the physical and chemical properties also exist many problems, the market is gradually shrinking.

after a long period of market research, our experts developed a "jewel" wall art paint. It is a sea shellfish shell surface and high temperature calcination. Personalized design, well-proportioned texture, elegant texture, arbitrary allocation of color, the wall paint with a new era of environmentally friendly paint into the bump from smooth synthetic times to meet the diverse, decorative effect, the performance index is more reasonable: gloss, air permeability, moisture permeability, heat resistance, anti freezing the performance, compared with the traditional improved paint adhesion. The product has strong market competitiveness and broad market prospect. Now wanted a nationwide regional exclusive agent, without fee, please visit our website.


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