Discussion on the three kinds of ability of SEO to make Taobao guest website

for Taobao guest website also need to do SEO, if only simply rely on their own to get the flow of the promotion, once stopped, natural flow has stopped. And the purpose of SEO is to web search engine optimization to get good rankings, as long as a little every day to maintain a good, traffic will not stop. Now most of the site traffic is from the search engine, so for Taobao customers but also for getting traffic through the way of SEO, so as to improve the conversion rate, increase income. Today, I share with the SEO to do with the needs of several Taobao customers:

a, select the ability to analyze keywords

all sites need to choose the right keywords, because the site is ranked by the keywords ranking. Taobao guest website is the same keywords need support, such as Taobao, Taobao users search for women’s winter months, the natural search engine will according to the data in the index to the website information display, which indicates that the website will mark the special users search words, these is the keyword.

so, Taobao customers with SEO optimization, first of all, we will choose to analyze keywords. For example, you do Taobao off is for a commodity, such as winter and installed, so in the choice of keywords, we need the word aside, such as winter and warm winter, which is installed and durability and so on, have to choose their own Taobao customers, according to the relevant webmaster query tool the daily traffic, then keyword analysis, such as type I did the women wear, then choose good keywords, it is necessary to analyze the natural flow of the keywords, how users search habits, and website matching, we should use which page do optimization etc.. So, using SEO to do Taobao customer selection analysis keywords is the first step.

two, the ability to optimize the station

all users to stay the longest time is the site, the user can give the best site access to the impression that the natural station to rely on the effect of optimization. For Taobao guest site is even more so, after all, you have to promote the spread of the calendar, the chain hair too much, ranking no matter how good, but also the user needs to score on the site. But good station optimization allows users to instantly fall in love with their own website, if Taobao guest website allows users to two, then three times two times to visit, visit, introduced to friends and colleagues are not what strange things

. For the optimization of the site of Taobao passenger station, the author summarizes the three main points: first, the site structure, a clear site structure can simplify the user’s purchase process but also allow users to know where they are. Two is the contact, Taobao guest website is needed if the user conversion rate, natural looking for customer service consulting for some goods will not be so understanding, so it should be linked to the most conspicuous place, can be a floating window or a floating sidebar. Three is related to the recommendation of the goods, the user likes the goods than the three to decide whether to buy, and some may be more than some of the price may be more than the function, and can give