Bo news marketing platform to share how to write a press release

each big website news countless, how can your press release is even more talent shows itself, potential customers to see? This needs Bo Yang news marketing platform to help, to introduce the following three important proposals to write a press release:


a, pay attention to the recent hot events

at this time, we will ask how I know what events will be popular, when everyone reported me to write late? Yes, we are unable to predict the hot events, but we can speculate the future direction and development trend about hot events using your mind, also can to comment on hot events from a different point of view, the controversial things to be remembered or by major media and website reported that mining events more deeply, to seize the media write a press release ( blank, this press release will have a greater influence.

two, upset, upset

from popular events forFrom

for unpopular popular events, this is a shortcut to write a press release. We want to know what is hot in an upset?, is everyone in the hot events of concern, we neglected but there is something interesting. To find the winner, from cold to hot, and finally become a hot event. In the process of writing a press release, we have to learn to reverse thinking, others can not think, can not see, is what we need.

three, the enterprise, brand information into the press release

issued a press release the ultimate goal is to improve sales, or enhance their brand image, so not only to write a good press release, but also need to integrate their product information, such as the clever press release. Can not be directly hard wide, some hard wide marketing news release effect, and even some editors will refuse to press. We need to think carefully, how to change the product information and brand image into the press release, but also to improve their website exposure. Through the absence of commercial hot spots to enhance the site in the minds of readers and search engines in the grade, for the future to lay a good foundation for sales.


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