QQ group ranking automatic suction powder, easy to absorb powder 5000 per month is not a problem

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1 invalid QQ marketing

speaking of QQ group, many people want to be the most of these skills and software, for example:

how to add QQ group;

How the

mass do not result in


, how to improve relations with him, so as not to send advertising kicked;

How to extract the

QQ group members;

How about sending

QQ group members do not result in


how to write advertising copy, improve the conversion rate of

group;How to add bulk

and QQ group members as friends;

How the

in the group contribution value, let others take the initiative to add their own


et al……

said the top ridiculous, a lot of people like this kind of skills and tools, as long as someone said, as long as someone sales, there will be a lot of people to buy, you will feel very cattle B, very rewarding;

actually is not only those selling software, a lot of marketing big coffee, or training, are also in the teaching of these so-called QQ group marketing skills and tips, but if you seriously tell you will find that they did not rely on this method to get traffic to attract fans, after all, their own don’t do that;

why, the reason is very simple, because these methods are not effective, according to the observation of me for so many years, I almost didn’t see who, by adding QQ group, and then rely on mass advertising, was a great success; however, these skills through training, sales and related tools, to earn money, success, but is to meet the eye everywhere…

Since there is no

effect, why there are still so many people every day, looking for these methods, these techniques and tools; every day people in the group sending spam, although we all know that it is almost not what effect, because we all hate these mass spam;

actually, it has a great relationship with a lot of irresponsible software developers and so-called teacher, they in order to make money, all day there that QQ group marketing skills and methods called, in order to sell their own so-called tips and tools;

said more people, naturally, some people believe, so many people have to do, but as long as you really do, really buy, you know, what is called a liar and a liar;

but even if you understand, keep in mind the lessons, it does not matter, because behind you, there are thousands of small white waiting for them to flicker, so they never lack of market;

2 why so many people fall for