Talk a grassroots marketing dream

Hello, my name is Feng Yaozong, a real grassroots webmaster, spent 6.8 yuan a month to buy the Hongkong space and kick off only 25 years of secondary domain name, I and everyone is different than me more grassroots everyone, I and everyone is the same I also have a dream. In this way, holding my secondary domain name and Hongkong space to the grassroots webmaster road.

SEO for those years to do a website

Lu Songsong had to work to set up a blog as a good case, but I’m learning to do a SEO to do an independent blog, then SEO no extra skills, only through external links and the station can be updated to get good rankings. After Baidu algorithm adjusted constantly, the Baidu search engine is becoming more and more humane, the blog had right down, have been ranked rapidly, as long as a year after their own efforts, in the rankings this piece not ideal, comprehensive sense of self can comfort yourself.

once vanity

at the beginning of this year, when the blog keywords ranking more than 100 times, had thought, want to do their own blog red, but also with those who are like Bo, every day to get a lot of fans sought after. Now think about the possibility to do that degree is equal to zero, I don’t have so many opportunities and contacts, I am not so cow strength, now, I give up that I understand vanity, with my 6.8 yuan and 25 yuan in two second-hand space domain transition to more practical marketing way. Oh no, I still have traffic!


no no counter attack

network resources

when I was in that a transition plan marketing week, I have been thinking, I have no resources, no contacts, no technology, but I have the courage, I took my only courage to transition to the sale of QQ cloud marketing software, with the courage of all time on QQ I on cloud marketing.

marketing road should be how to go

this is SEO, for absolutely ignorant of marketing, post promotion, but I will work very hard to do. Fortunately, I am a 90, I understand very much to QQ space, QQ space can easily break, all QQ space is the only way I marketing, of course, need the help of others the auxiliary, incidentally to share out dry cargo today.

existing users realized

IP on average at the age of 5000 I can think of ways to their existing 5000IP to be realized, but I’m not in the blog advertising, there is no redundant hang customer service link in the blog, but I do use QQ cloud marketing to the thousands of IP all captured, the rest is in QQ do the marketing space. QQ marketing is mainly through a number of QQ space to talk about, log marketing.

WeChat can not give up

see a lot of people do not dare to invest heavily