Baidu promotion of poor professional solutions

Baidu promotion is the effective means of brand promotion and investment promotion effect, directly affect the company’s investment results, has played a pivotal role in the successful operation of the company, the company’s marketing department and top leadership should attach great importance to. Recently the company executives generally reflect the intention of customers to reduce, an important reason is that the network promotion effect is not good, a little more detail that is we in the Baidu promotion effect is not reached, because we work for Baidu promotion of investment dependence, so it is normal to reduce the intention of customers, is also expected in the things.

we have a look at the specific problems in the promotion of Baidu, the first, a lot of cost increases; second, click down; third, the intention of customers to reduce. In fact, these three phenomena are complementary and inseparable, leaders generally only from the intention of customers to reduce the problem to look at, but from our professional perspective, should also see deep phenomenon, such as increased costs and decreased click on these two aspects, all things are interrelated.

here I will contact the three aspects of the deep-seated reasons for the analysis and put forward the initial solution.

first, a lot of cost increases. Here the cost increase is positive, but the cost of a single click is increased, from the original few hair up to a piece of. I would like to stress that the overall increase in the cost of consumption is limited by the cost of the company, but the relative increase in the. So the result of this is exactly why? Below I detailed analysis, from Baidu to provide background we can clearly feel, with the development of steam health project and market prospect of the temptation, attracted a lot of people in the investment industry, the rapid increase of enterprises, these enterprises are generally sleight of hand to merchants, as the main business, in order to carry out the investment they also chose Baidu and other network promotion, it is natural, because Baidu network promotion way promotion is effective for these small and medium sized enterprises. The results of a let us is not willing to see the phenomenon existing in the promotion of Baidu, that is some within the industry to elevate the keyword bidding, such as "steam" and "steam room" and "steam room to join the three – the bidding has reached 8 to 10 dollars, let such a vicious competition people are worried about. The company in order to get a good qualifying, in the early stages of the corresponding increase in the price, but can not keep up with the market growth rate of the auction, so the cost of the Baidu but click on the natural increase. But what I want to say is that we do not increase the total cost of the total cost of inputs. So I was born to analyze the second phenomena.

second, click down. How many hits is the key of Baidu promotion effect, no hits, promotion effect is certainly not good to go, unless you have made of money, love your company. The main reason for the decline in the main reason lies in the ranking on Baidu too, no customers click on you. The problem is that the price is too low