Dry cargo case how to use the media to do event hype

some time ago and we said that the media and the public, is the most important marketing channels and tools to make good use of these two thoroughly, the product in the marketing of the basic solution. The use of the media, and other ways, one is soft, two is the event marketing, from the operation form, the two is one thing, but the extent is slightly different, the concept of things do not speak so much, then slowly after the empty talk about this, today only on the operation of the content.

showed two cases today, is the use of the media hype, operating practices but the results are as like as two peas, different in nature, one of the major media headlines, a silent. This comparison shows that the two extreme cases, we will be more aware of how to use the media.

first show the successful case, this case is the "buy a house to his son with millions of cash for the Beijing Boyle opening stocks a news", 51, is estimated to have children have the impression. This event is the hype of a financial APP, the article does not show the contents of their own search out.

this news, including NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Tencent and Phoenix has been Xinhua, the people’s government website, including the major media headlines, reproduced the small and medium sites are hundreds of. I roughly estimated the next, the exposure of the article close to ten million level.

for everyone to restore a path for this operation before and after the event.

on May 1st, the first in micro-blog (account for "independent Octopus") broke the news, said he saw a aunt holding one million in cash to the stock market in a securities company, and with a number of pictures. Through this way, create a feeling of real events. In fact, very false, stock account, there is no need for cash, money is flowing on the book. The reason to do so, in order to take pictures of aunt holding cash, because users are following the eyes of the real.


then, a big V "Beijing people do not know Beijing thing" reproduced the micro-blog. Of course, this step is also planned, the purpose is to create a false impression that this is a real event.


through the above two steps, you can proceed to the next step. The second day, in the Legal Evening News on the emergence of the stock market is too crazy, Beijing aunt with millions of shares in the stock of the article.


out of second days, the media will move this article on the headlines, the Tencent is the first NetEase, is second, followed by other media, media release, and media to follow reprint, time of day, spread throughout the network.

estimates that there are some children’s shoes will be very confused, to the newspaper that can be released, speculation is successful, it is too easy, it is not a special reason. There is definitely an article, but because before I write in detail, this article will not repeat, do not know their own children to see it through.