Live in response to financing fraud rumors false reports

introduction: live hundreds of responses to "financing fraud, HNA did not vote five hundred million".

live in response to financing fraud rumors: untrue report

I horse news April 23rd news, live hundreds of today "financing fraud rumors of a formal response, the so-called" financial fraud, HNA did not vote five hundred million "is the lack of common sense.

yesterday, when one hundred lives officially listed on the new board news, media reports said, live hundreds of existing financing fraud, HNA did not vote 500 million.

is the official residence of the following statement:

1 is the so-called "financing fraud, HNA did not vote five hundred million" is the lack of a sense of speculation: HNA tourism group in 2015 and live hundreds of signed C round of strategic framework agreement, agreed to continue investing in stages, a total of not less than 500 million yuan, while the major strategic investment stages is industry practice.

As for the question "

2 one hundred lives is in fact a revenue of a small company, we recognize that, for the one hundred million Chinese outbound crowd live one hundred trillion market, today is still very small, and great growth potential. According to hundreds of homes in April 22, 2016 released the annual report in 2015, 2015 annual total revenue of 100 million yuan to live in the year 45693690.28, an increase of 2014 times the annual revenue of $68.

3 one hundred lives have been in strict accordance with the National SME share transfer system (national share transfer system) with the consent of the relevant provisions and requirements submitted and achieved the national share transfer system of the audit, in [2016] years [4] [22] months listed on success. One hundred lives as a non listed public company, refinancing and information disclosure are in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national share transfer system in an orderly manner.

we always believe that the media is one hundred lives and all entrepreneurs mentor and friend Zheng, but to our surprise, such reports did not to live 100 or HNA tourism group any confirmation interview, did not provide any opportunity to comment, this could cause one-sided reports to mislead investors and the public. The company will take further measures as the case, to continue to publish false reports related websites, units and personnel, retain the right to pursue legal responsibilities.

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April 23, 2016