Human traffickers are the death penalty is a failed WeChat marketing

recently, a lot of people of WeChat were suddenly "adhere to the trafficking of children suggested that the state change law, adhere to the death penalty to sell the child, buy children’s imprisonment! Steal children sentenced to death! Not for praise, but diffusion." The net posts scraper. Many netizens expressed support for the death penalty, and relay forwarding.

at the same time, there are users that some information was reproduced with "thank you cherish friendship support" link, after opening the link, will jump to the site of the registration page, and the link is unique. And in order to question the appeal to combat the trafficking of children is the marketing behavior of the site information.

for this question, the afternoon of June 18th, cherished network also issued a statement to the media said, "on the" hot support the trafficking of children should be sentenced to death "spread about individual participation and attention to this event treasure marketing network staff unauthorized start. For this is not consistent with the company’s values of personal behavior, after the discovery has been amended to seriously deal with the dereliction of duty related employees". The site also said, for the incident caused by distress, the company sincerely apologize. The day after will also pay attention to the social events at the same time, adherence to corporate social responsibility, for the social transfer positive energy."


marketing success: cause the user’s emotional resonance

the WeChat marketing event is a typical viral marketing, by means of social network users, so that information spread like a virus and spread, spread to thousands and millions of fast copy the audience. In other words, through the publicity for others, to achieve the role of marketing leverage. Viral marketing has become one of the most unique means for network marketing.

some viral marketing will create social hot point of view through the new in order to be different ways to spread effect. For example, the traffickers are sentenced to death event. They use, is the general public, especially the mothers of human traffickers hate and protect the child’s mind. In layman’s terms, is that this marketing campaign seems to be some human touch, can cause a lot of people emotional resonance.

seen specially describes the trafficking of children movie "dear", most people will suffer the pain and despair of abducted parents feel pity and sympathy, which is one of the parents of the mercy and compassion that led to human traffickers hate this victory resonate emotionally. This is also the success of marketing events, some people may simply because of kindness and compassion, have been used for these sites, the promotion of free forwarding.


1, just spread, regardless of the effect of

If you think that only

can spread a wide range of good marketing results, it is wrong. The most basic requirement for the formation of a good marketing reputation is that the product must be of high quality and meet the needs of consumers