Don’t open the store profits soaring — discuss five misunderstandings of cross-border electricity s

I [note] the electronic commerce network operators in the world seems to be born for cross-border, by Alibaba successfully listed on the United States under the tide of cross-border electricity supplier has to clear. When the development of more mainstream, its development will also appeared misunderstanding.

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in 2014, the global electricity supplier giant Amazon entered its tenth year China, the attack in the China market, fully stationed in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, by cross-border through this platform, bypassing the import trade agents, save the domestic distribution channels, directly to consumers, ready to roll up your sleeves. The other side of the car, the Chinese electricity supplier leader Alibaba before landing the NYSE, that is launched by the United States subsidiary Vendio and Auctiva to build a shopping platform 11Main, the official force of the U.S. market, the challenge of amazon.

cross-border electricity supplier but English proverb goes like a raging fire, A rising, tide lifts all boats, means that when the tide comes, all the boats are supported by the tide, there’s a clear warning meaning: Although the ship is not high, the ship can do, or that you can wind and waves. Alibaba in the United States to promote the success of the listing, the tide of cross-border electricity supplier has to understand. But, the tide receded to know who is swimming naked. During the ebb and flow of cross-border electricity supplier, perhaps we will see a "thousand boat sail past the bottom number of trees, a few withered disease wood spring", birth and death game, only a handful of winners, losers Chen Shi will spread after ebb tide beach.

it is no exaggeration to say that the network, digital technology and mobile technology has been and will continue in the retail revolution, they have subverted the consumer habits and traditional retail business model, has become the characteristics of the times. At the same time, e-commerce seems to be born for cross-border, the world is flat, the more suitable for cross-border development of e-commerce; and the more cross-border electricity supplier development, the world has become increasingly flat, complement each other, mutual catalysis. However, a lot of cross-border electricity supplier mistakes, hidden great.

first, the enterprise positioning is clear?

back to the definition of the retail industry: the function of the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. So, the first question is: "you are a manufacturer or retailer?" if you are a manufacturing enterprise, so the opportunity is the use of electricity to make their products to meet with consumers, to a certain extent is bypassing the traditional buyers, allow the market to test your product meets the needs of consumers. But not to turn itself into the electricity supplier, or open shop, whether online or offline, retail is to open the store, there is no brick wall are shops. Gehangrugeshan, attention to win.

two, meet directly with consumers, the product will suddenly sell up?

not at all! Many companies over the years by experts and scholars fooled anger "