Electricity supplier giant art electricity supplier of the road, go smoothly

from the beginning of the summer of 2013, China’s Suning, Gome, Taobao and other giants have announced a high-profile business into the art field of electronic business, for a year at least 200 billion yuan of the art market is unable to hide greeds. Now a year has passed, how they develop? We only Suning, Gome, Taobao, for example, one by one to do analysis.


now Suning art platform, is actually suning.com’s auction channel, the platform of the auction is provided by another generation operation, is a joint venture, Suning itself is not an independent platform. Our home page on suning.com’s website is very difficult to find the channel link, the auction channels are non-existent, the channel estimation has become an abandoned child.

"beauty" is the United States’s art electronic business platform, the majority of art is blatantly trading, art types are less, in the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy art. In essence, the beauty of the country is more like a large gallery site, it does not form a complete art online trading ecosystem.

Taobao auction is Taobao heavily to build online auction platform, which is based on judicial auction and treasure auction. According to the recent auction to participate in Taobao merchants will reflect the business, Taobao auction Q1 transaction volume has been over 10 billion, relying on the huge flow of Taobao, the results naturally understandable. However, the judicial auction is involved by the national court litigation assets and disposal of taobao.com cooperation platform, has inherent advantages, for this volume in the proportion of very large, while the art trade share inferior by comparison.


China’s art electricity supplier has thousands, but the real profit and maintain a good momentum of development is only a few, they share in the art market is not large. According to the auction industry association released Chinese "2013 days before the auction industry blue book" shows that in 2013 China auction industry annual auction turnover exceeded 700 billion yuan for the first time, the art auction turnover amounted to 31 billion 383 million yuan, the proportion of online auction is very little, but it also means that the development of China art electricity supplier is still at the initial stage. A huge space for development.

however, these giants in terms of financial strength, operational ability is strong is unusual, but why the delay did not pry move the traditional art market leverage? Art market in the end what kind of unspoken rule


art market is not an unfathomable unspoken rule, no one can move the lever, just that they haven’t found the force of the fulcrum.

first, art is not an ordinary commodity, even more than the high-end luxury but also, because art can not be copied, not production, compared with the general commodity material properties, art is more a spiritual attribute in the. Now most of the electricity supplier to ignore the spirit of the art of the property, attempted >