Talk about several kinds of platform model of cosmetics on nternet

a survey of the cosmetics industry, 78% of online shopping users have purchased cosmetics. And 85% of users have future plans to buy cosmetics via the internet. For why want to buy cosmetics through the Internet, 16% of users said that early adopters, 60% of users because it is convenient, 47% of users because it is cheaper, 12% of users because of product quality trust; for the user to buy enough channels, showed that 45% of users through the cosmetics brand’s official website to buy, 67% of users is purchased through B2C or C2C site, 11% of users are purchased through the maternal website. From the survey data, cosmetics in the future there is a very big development space on the Internet, so the cosmetics industry there are several ways of marketing on the Internet, the characteristics of it, the one by one analysis, to get the function:

The first kind of

is dependent on third party platform, such as Taobao and Taobao mall, cosmetics brand and the company too many to count on these platforms, they have the capability, survival is very good, is still increasing trend, but do not good, this can not blame the platform, the platform is just a basic quality. Product positioning service from these factors, this is similar to the third party platform and red child, excellence, Dangdang etc.. Shortcomings are not flexible, a lot of image display marketing methods, such as restrictions on the platform can not be cast, but this approach will exist for a long time.

second model is built on B2C platform, to their products, combined with online shopping, TV shopping, shopping magazine (catalog marketing), call center as one of the Integrated Company, it can be said now on the market a bit of fame is "LVSHOU", the call center has nearly five hundred people to follow and two sales of products, this model is a kind of comprehensive, the future is the most suitable development platform to sell a variety of products. Shortcomings, the product line is relatively simple, if a single product problems, a short time will form a product vacancy, in addition to the need to put a lot of advertising and labor costs, pre investment is relatively large.

third model is the industry of cosmetic platform, such as rice store, he did not rely on famous brand products, to develop a comprehensive e-commerce vertical platform, products have a certain visibility, awareness is relatively high, the market development is relatively easy, the drawback is the need for a lot of money to buy the products and marketing investment.

The fourth model is the

channels and the Internet, in fact, many enterprises have thought about a problem, is how to combine online and offline, Guangzhou has a company called easy ticket, he had the ideal is to become an e-commerce channel distribution company, can provide sales solutions for any company in the channel, but is the leadership of the company for many years has not ignored the attention we can say the Internet channel has been causing his malnutrition, an annual loss of tens of millions, lost a lot of opportunities for cooperation. In fact, the line can be used as the focus of marketing, the line can serve as the focus of the exchange of distribution services, if the online and offline division of labor clear, it will achieve a very good camp