WAL-MART strategic stake in Jingdong three weeks the two sides disclosed the latest developments in

WAL-MART cooperation with Jingdong, the first landing project, may be about to open in the mall Sam flagship store.


source: Vision China

July 11th, is the eight anniversary of the shop No. 1 birthday, for the number of stores will have to sell WAL-MART,, is the current president and CEO of Ke Junxian, the official day of departure. In the afternoon, WAL-MART CEO Asia Pacific Price (Scott) and Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu jointly disclosed to the media the two sides announced the progress of cooperation for three weeks.

the two sides set up a project steering committee, including members of the WAL-MART CTO, Sam COO,, Jingdong, Jingdong, President of consumer category and the head of the project and other senior executives. At present, the Commission has regular meetings every week, to discuss the promotion of the project, including the 1 shop, Sam flagship store, both sides of the supply chain collaboration, etc., said Shen Haoyu.

recently a regular meeting in July 11th, which is the third regular meeting of the committee, the content of this is about the creation of the Sam Jingdong flagship store in the matter of the 80%". According to the content of cooperation between both parties on June 21st officially announced the disclosure of cooperation, Sam’s club stores will open the official flagship store in the Jingdong warehouse distribution platform, integrated logistics services and Sam’s club will use Jingdong.

according to reports, Sam’s store settled in Jingdong with its 1 store in the background of different operating processes. Last November, Sam’s club first settled Shop No. 1, on the product line nearly 400, with direct import of Sam and its own brand Youpin member (Member’s Mark) commodity based, distribution range is Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai area, after these products are single in the shop No. 1, distribution mode of delivery staff directly to Sam’s club take the goods shelves, adding to the customer, the path for the "store customer". Sam flagship store settled Jingdong, path distribution mode will become the "order – warehouse – customer, this ratio directly to the shop No. 1 delivery from the store to get the goods more complex, different categories corresponding to different warehouses into Jingdong. Shen Haoyu said that the elimination is not suitable for online sales (such as some fresh products are extremely difficult to save) and the stock of very few items, most of Sam’s club goods will enter the Jingdong warehouse, but has yet to determine whether all the seven large Jingdong will introduce Sam’s commodity warehouse.

in addition, on how to identify and define the identity of Sam members on the Jingdong, and Jingdong membership system and whether or not to join the formation of the membership system and other issues are also discussed in the. After these problems are resolved, Sam will be officially settled in the store Jingdong mall. Currently, the specific time to settle down, the two sides have only a vague statement – a few months on-line".

WAL-MART stores to open the entrance to the Jingdong is also one of the contents of the two sides, but the