Discussion on campus group buying

in the last few months, people still seem to want to buy what is the time, the network is growing with its amazing expansion rate. Now, buy site has penetrated into all walks of life in the consumer groups, white-collar workers, college students and other young people to save money to buy an important and indispensable way.

since gounpon became popular in the United States, China’s keen business makes the industry in 2011 to buy a strong development. According to data company CNZZ released report shows that as of March, the total number of buy site has more than 3600, the average monthly growth rate of up to 29.33%, but really do not buy a prominent site. A lot of buy site for the country all the users, so it caused a poor targeted products, and users do not like their own phenomenon. According to the survey, as of the end of April, there is no one specifically for the campus group purchase website, the students can’t wait to meet the huge demand.

first school group, to seize the characteristics of students’ needs, to create a specialized for the national college campus group purchase website, and aspire to bigger, stronger, serving college students across the country, so that our students can get real benefits here.

first is the first school group group purchase merchandise selection, the first choice of the goods are the college and students learning and life wash related, such as education and training; campus catering, entertainment; weekend fitness, exercise, SPA; online for the campus of MM clothing, cosmetics, sports for boys, and so on. It can be said that any of the goods required on campus, where you can have ultra-low prices. We also do not make money for college students to save a lot of money.

is the first school second group of group purchase security system, for the first school group, in order to create a long development of the group purchase website, consumers benefit is higher than all, and specifically for the "moonlight clan" of the young students, it is the mark of strict product quality. The first school group to establish a worry free protection plan, mainly for the four security systems, namely:

, all brands are guaranteed authentic; you don’t have to worry about buy brand goods are fake, fake goods, defective goods, if found fake, the first school group Xianhengpeifu all your payment;

two, no refund for 72 hours, you do not have to worry about the end of the purchase of regret no refund, you do not need any reason to refund 72 hours.

three, consumption coupons expired refund automatically; you do not have to worry about buying coupons do not have time to waste expired.

four, buy the original cash is not successful return. You do not have to worry about the success of the money to buy the money to go in, buy unsuccessful, cash can be returned to the original road you used to pay the account.

the four security system covers the stage of each buy. In the first school group to buy, you can rest assured to buy every link. The first school group, focusing on the needs of students