Taobao’s God sampling shelling sampling unreasonable administration for ndustry and Commerce

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Taobao’s "God sampling" shelling SAIC

, SAIC issued a network transaction commodity monitoring results, called zhengpinlv lowest, only 37.25%. 27, the official Taobao micro-blog to a 80 operation two tone issued an open letter, directed at the industry and commerce administration supervisor department director Liu Hongliang "violations, don’t blow whistle, questioned the Administration for Industry and Commerce sampling process violations, sampling data and logic errors, contradiction, caused a great disturbance on the internet. Insiders believe that the monitoring of the sample data, statistical scope, the concept of self and non proprietary platform is confused, sampling is not scientific.


Administration for Industry and Commerce on the 23 of this month released the second half of 2014 "network commodity transaction directional monitoring results showed that the monitoring", completed a total of 92 batches of samples were sampled, including 54 batches of samples for genuine, authentic rate reached 58.7%, non genuine rate was 41.3%.

from the test results of each shopping website, sample distribution of the number of the most, but the quality was the lowest, only 37.25%; small sample number (3) of the are authentic, genuine rate reached 100%; the other from ZOL Mall (Zhongguancun electronic mall) to buy 1 pieces of non genuine "genuine rate is 0%; three well-known B2C platform, Jingdong zhengpinlv was 90%, slightly higher than the Tmall 85.71% and 1 shop 80%, non genuine and Jingdong and 1 stores are from non proprietary businesses.

SAIC introduced, the unified monitoring will be fake and shoddy products, refurbished products, non authorized formal channels, content and publicity inconsistent products, 3C certification, non Chinese mainland official genuine does not conform to the "consumer use of universal label" cosmetic requirements are classified as non genuine products etc..

and for such a sampling results, Taobao is not happy. Yesterday, the official Taobao micro-blog to a 80 operation two tone issued a letter entitled "director Liu loud: you breaking up, don’t blow whistle!" the open letter of rebuttal to the State Administration for Industry and commerce, for this sample raised strong doubts.

letter said "my company is a small private enterprises, today should also feel in addition (micro-blog innocence), no way to go. Not to mention those small businesses who have been closed". The Department Director Liu Hongliang more directly challenge the network, "saying online," not happy, buy a bag. "You are not happy, Taobao ‘,’ happy, Taobao also play". You use public power so emotional, really good? "


directional attack signs too obvious


Taobao official said, signed as a 80 operating options "ID: Hu Bing Milo, the ID micro-blog certification is the executive director of Hangzhou city Yuhang district network cultural association.

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