Entrepreneurs say why the collapse of O2O collapse

if you put aside prices, haze and traffic jams and other major cities common fault, which should be the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities residents most beautiful era.

O2O under the name of entrepreneurial projects are busy in basic necessities of life and other aspects of the pain points: travel car, carpool; in the traditional cleaning and delivery operations are integrated into the mobile phone terminal, beauty, hairdressing, massage can easily call; many times in the streets using a mobile phone to scan a two-dimensional code on startups will be fruits, drinks or snacks are free of charge to home……

so some people ridicule, investors to O2O start-up companies have been used to improve the money to improve the daily lives of urban residents.

but at the price lower than the cost to enjoy a good life O2O all kinds of welfare seems to have been coming to an end.

In addition to

is still in the fight takeaway market, after travel subsidies have tightened, 1 yuan car, 1 yuan Haircut and other concessions has been accompanied by a large number of startups fail and disappeared.

homogeneous sin

scrambling from last year to the financing of the news can now be listed in the case of a batch of failures, O2O, especially the wind direction of the class O2O market seems to change suddenly.

, the market that once gathered a lot of entrepreneurs, has turned into a sad place many people don’t want to talk about anymore. The industry has predicted that more than 95% of O2O companies will disappear in the fierce competition.

As with the previous

hot startups and entrepreneurs like a swarm of bees bring about homogenization was blamed for the current wave of O2O closures of original sin.

is the biggest reason for failure or blindly imitate. At present, the company is a dead." Thai flute founder jazon field CEO said in an interview with "First Financial Daily", the tide of entrepreneurship to homogeneity, once the emergence of a new pattern, soon imitators came. But did not find: the nature of the industry, just blindly imitate easily die.

in the entrepreneurial process, the advantage of the opportunity does not have to ignore the value, but for a new field, the entrepreneurial team more time to do things while running while changing.

founder Meng wake more accustomed to a beaver called God carved from AFU, essential oil, carved sirloin to now beaver, Meng wake is the most direct feeling is: now O2O play is clear.

"when a new big industry comes, at the beginning, everyone is fuzzy, but with the passage of time, O2O’s entire strategy has been more clear." Meng Meng seems, in the course of the development of O2O, people who understand the early and quickly adjust the strategy is more likely to live, and the lack of understanding of the final judgment is often in the process of early fall.

but also have to add a range of the above point of view, that is the Internet giant or Internet giant investment >