The well-known animation website Kay God cannot access the suspected new regulations closed

recently SARFT issued "on the strengthening of the new Internet audiovisual content management notice", "notice, without obtaining a license to movies, television dramas, cartoons, movies and television theoretical literature, will not be allowed to spread on the internet".

this provision means that drama can not escape, the lack of drama, animation is no longer the spread of pickled cabbage ", all kinds of Web sites will not be allowed to play without obtaining a license for each film subtitle group, American TV drama animation station will likely face unlicensed, out of the situation, and finally died.

well-known domestic animation network Kay God anime network recently inaccessible, suspected of being subject to the new regulations were closed.

Baidu snapshot is still updated yesterday, the website content update to March 30, 2009.


about Kay God:

was founded in July 2004, mainly to provide website popular anime content includes Japanese cartoons, comics, animation, animation and music in the novel; the production of core personnel from Chongqing Jiaotong College, Chongqing College of Post and Telecom, Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing, Chongqing Radio&TV University, excellent computer network related personnel. Including the first prize in the national program design and design of the first member of the website of Chongqing College students.

Google PageRank 6 ranked around 10000 in Alexa.