Out of the 20 countries troops, Darkode was eventually destroyed the hacker Forum

Lei Feng

news network, the network crime forum Darkode notorious repute has been destroyed in recent days, the destruction of action is composed from 20 different countries, law enforcement officers working group in cross-border execution, destroyed the site, the relevant law enforcement authorities also arrested 70 suspects, both from the 20 countries.

Darkode forum was founded in 2007, criminals often in the forum to engage in illegal selling data, credit card information, email address, network attacks and other activities, is a large cybercrime black market, Darkode adopts the invitation mechanism, so it was difficult for ordinary people to enter the forum, the forum of the defense facilities are perfect, the so-called "bullet proof" web server, which makes the work of law enforcement agencies to further increase.

law enforcement officers began to take control of the site as early as 2011, but was aware of the site administrator, and turned off the access port, and in addition to the establishment of an Internet intermediate chat server. Recently, the law enforcement agencies on the site was fully destroyed, and arrested a number of suspects, who were suspected of participating in a joint cybercrime action in Israel, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, India, Romania and other countries launched.


currently has been unable to display the contents of the site, users can only see the United States Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) and the European Criminal Police Organization and other 17 international law enforcement agencies jointly issued a statement.