Wu Wenhui on the operation and implementation of enterprise website promotion team

on the Internet a large vat, increasing new network enterprises occupy the market share of the most. When the network market impact of the traditional market dispute intensified, some of the conventional, single out the traditional sales model is already quite saturated, this way has not been for a long-term strategic development of enterprises to adapt, so many enterprises began to pull up the top, in the network market, continue to impact the pilot. And have achieved considerable success, so when a traditional enterprise wants to find a pot of gold in the use of the Internet, should be what link? And how should I do? What should be the goal? Through these questions, through the following detailed answers.

argument, on the necessity of building a network promotion team

a team must have its own value and team spirit, is the embodiment of the cooperative organization, and not one bucket, boy, in the description of the electronic commerce system of surface team enterprise with the situation, in the early stage of construction, carry out their duties in accordance with the following table configuration related personnel,. Should fulfill their position, at the same time to department manager is the core of the whole department of strategic planning, and daily work, and long-term development mechanism.


network to promote the team to configure the staff to take the tree structure, progressive layers. And a level of decentralization, the effective operation in the respective project, through this way can expand the team effectively, improve the position in accordance with the requirements of corporate strategy, and can effectively avoid the traditional operating system configuration in a single, on the overall efficiency of the enterprise, and office to provide a good foundation.

argument two, the importance of the optimization process of enterprise website construction

to develop network marketing scheme is reasonable, is beneficial to the enhancement of the human services, through the network promotion procedures of the system and mode of electronic commerce operation process of enterprises clear, help the whole network marketing team construction, we can see the operation structure of a department must run in such a way, Co. planning.



is only for website promotion mode of an enterprise, also in today’s increasingly news events, micro-blog marketing, community marketing, viral marketing has been filled with people of vision, such information needs to promote staff visionary vision, using real time popular can quickly enhance the enterprise website popularity and attention.

argument three, the implementation and evaluation of enterprise network promotion team

Is the competence of

execution, believe that not many people to question it, this is not only the years all kinds of enterprise personnel management under the credit, but also change the sentiment in the market, is the economic crisis since the changes of economic environment and organizational effectiveness confirmed. The execution of the network promotion team