Use Baidu Post Bar promotion series pictures jump

we know that the bar is now very strict management, has been to see the extent of the deletion of the chain. This is no doubt in the post bar to promote the site’s friends is a very fatal blow, and for such a situation, the function of the picture jump link came into being. With this can avoid directly outside the chain was removed by the administrator, but there can be click jump to the specified web site function, so we only need to do this to guide each other click the picture on it. Have to add that the picture jump function can also be effectively avoided in the post bar, publish too many links to the site, which led to the site was K.

stick in a few more representative examples are:

a MM picture, and then read: click on the collar of MM, you will see surprises yo. This is a very insignificant promotion, but the flow is very considerable. Like this category there are many, for example, to a MM back, and then add a paragraph of text: click here, you can see the front of the MM, interested friends can try.

reply to the name of the image to display the image of the corresponding names. This was a way to do what the video website of good friend crazy to use, in Post Bar in numerous created God (click and reply to high) post, let him make over flow. However, due to the flow of this way is not accurate, although we have a good flow after the experiment, but the conversion rate is not ideal. Therefore, it is not recommended to focus on doing precise flow of friends in this way. Like the kind of Wangzhuan, entertaining or websites that can try this method.

for love to buy the network, our initial target group is a woman, so several experiments down, the above are not suitable for several, we will find out the most suitable way through the three.

1 test class

through observation, stick a lot of women in those tests are more interested in the post. In a test example: in the promotion process, encounter a title for this: the world’s most beautiful figure, your heart? Post, the boot process is: the first letter of reply to certain names, plus a little love. For example, love Yao Ming, YM replied a little love, and then double-click the picture. If the broken heart, that you two no fate, if the heart is complete, then you have no fate. Click on the picture, you jump to another site.

we have made some changes, to refresh the page in love to buy network with a complete transformation between hearts and broken hearts pictures, complete red hearts pictures appear probability and fragmentation proportion of hearts for 10:3. And then the above post to the popular hot target groups gathered a few stick, the title and content do not change. This post is basically is Post Bar of artificial stickies members. One day down, almost every post has tens of thousands of clicks, nearly 2000 of the response, that is, at least 2000 people click on the picture to enter our website. And because the page after the jump, will appear in the description of the content >