Duang! The golden time of the micro business nuggets in 2015, do you want to miss it

2015 will be the golden era of micro business nuggets, the development of the Internet, the popularity of smart phones, will be more closely related to the human and social media. Especially in 2015, it is destined to be a special year because it has both opportunities and crises. Between this crisis and the machine, in 2015 the golden era of micro business nuggets, you want to miss it?

micro marketing is a complex and simple things, many people do not understand the micro marketing, micro marketing will be seen with simple, do not mind to operate, often make the following mistakes.

, do not really understand the micro marketing

The concept of

micro marketing is: "a small stroke, to light Bo heavy". Who can achieve "small is big, heavy with light Bo" marketing means can be called micro marketing. However, many people are not aware of this, they began to operate. The concept is not clear will result in operational deviation, the deviation of the operation will result in a waste of execution, and ultimately waste our precious time.

two, do not pay attention, did not see

as long as your customers have access to the Internet, you must do network marketing. Like my teacher often said that Dongsheng is not a question of whether to do network marketing, but to survive, we must do network marketing". However, and now a lot of companies, just find some irrelevant people to operate, no team, no support, no cooperation; it is difficult to play a role in the end, some companies have been replaced by competitors.

three, no program

network marketing must be planning first, after the implementation of the. Micro business is even more so. However, to do anything if there is no reasonable planning will be chaos, the inevitable result is not a hope. Do you have any plans for micro marketing?

so, what is the difference between the micro business in 2015, why the 2015 will be the golden era of micro business nuggets


a, community

2015 is a social era, resource sharing, platform docking, joint marketing, community power can not be ignored. 2015 will be a high degree of integration of resources and pushing marketing era, a person’s strength is limited. You can see that in 2014 to do better, whether it is micro business, or from the media, which is not a Baotuan marketing


I have a membership, for half a year of micro business, she told me that after joining my network marketing institute Prichard VIP circle, to know what is the real micro business. The power of the community is that you can make detours, you can achieve integration of resources, you can learn to grow, you can expand your network.

, for example, you do not have products, there are products; for example, you have a new project or product promotion, we will help you to promote. Only pay for the community to have the value of free groups generally do not have the gold content, the higher the cost, the greater the corresponding value. Sense of payment