Why should we publish online articles

network article is what? Why should we publish articles? Two reasons can be explained.

    an online article is usually made up of a single topic of interest to your target market, about 500 words. At the end of the article there is usually a source comment. Notes include your name, company name, address, EMAIL address, and some advertising related to the design of the company’s business.

      writing an article is not too hard work. Including some necessary investigation and collection. Collect enough information for you to write. And write in your own language. The style of the article to give people the impression that the best chat with friends.

      now let us look at the second issue, published a variety of reasons for the article, but it is not difficult to understand is for the benefit of.

    1, the publication of the article is conducive to the network in the market to identify their corporate image, often called "brand image".
    2, published online articles are for the public, is free of charge
3. may be someone like your writing style, pay you to write articles or E books.
    4, the network article will bring traffic to your site.

5, let the public know that you are an expert in.
    6, if your article can be published in the form of free E books, the Internet will spread faster, but also to bring your site traffic will be greater.

    7, as a product seller, improve your professional image in the hearts of customers
    8, other web site if you reprint the article, the same will bring to your site traffic.

      I think, this is the benefits of your published articles, do not forget to provide valuable content, the higher the value of the article, the higher the value you bring.

source: dig treasure network (www.taobaowang.com)