Simple things are not easy to promote extensive QQ optimization

for website promotion staff, no website promotion method is easier than the QQ promotion, as long as the use of QQ character signature set at (or above the group announcement eye-catching hair. And the description of the site), the rest is the QQ group or single friends when the URL is not a copy and paste. Technical content.

At the same time

, QQ marketing also has a direct face-to-face contact with potential customers, can effectively narrow the distance between the user and other advantages, because any marketing must be settled to the promotion of human". And Tencent huge market potential. There are about 150 million daily active users online — especially when today’s popular mobile internet.

therefore, although CNZZ traffic statistics tool will still QQ visitors as "directly enter the URL or bookmark visit", statistical QQ specific data is difficult to visit, although a variety of new promotion methods emerge in an endless stream, but the experience of the website promotion still enjoy. In their eyes, simple QQ promotion is still a worthy of intensive and meticulous farming "rich ore".

especially for those just on the new site, QQ marketing is more applicable. Famous blogger Lu Songsong blog just on the line, make full use of their 5 QQ group released its own blog online news, the day came on the line of more than and 200 IP. May be because it is too simple, many sites are not too seriously. Now a lot of Web site QQ promotion is the link Commissioner, they are completely running to the friendship link, do not pay attention to the site QQ promotion.

and even Links exchange, often Links commissioners are in "extensive cultivation, by day (luck) the stage of extensive management of eating, is one of a long list of URLs, or tomorrow. To each of the mind, telling their own stories, no communication between each other, is trading mentality – and negative trading mentality, you change to change, not to change it, uncle also does not ask you anyway! "Cow neck droop (skin folds) have you, not much, not you a lot".

with this kind of mentality, QQ marketing effect will be good just strange! My friends run a small site in Kunming production company, his sister even through the QQ marketing, to do business in Malaysia, Hongkong, and expensive. Her way is very simple, from first to last purpose — I was going to pull a single stick, the propaganda of our company, no matter what people see, no matter how around the mountains around the water I go around to the production site or space rental; even if someone reported me in my T, I warned Tencent. I still have three words to continue to adhere to.

than her such persistence, we really shame!

said Lu Songsong again, he has five QQ group a message, a lot of people on the ground he fall over each other just online blog, five Lou song song group is professional group, usually he constantly communicate with others, others feel in his group there was.