Jiang Likun clever use of network promotion rights

Internet is increasingly becoming an integral part of daily life and work, especially through the network consumption, more and more mainstream. However, due to the virtual nature of the network, the network is also more prone to some equity disputes and even naked fraud. And its virtual nature, but also doomed to encounter this situation, rights will be extremely difficult. That is not to say that the network cannot rights? The face of the Internet era of rights, we will decide on what path to follow jianglikun venture? Today for everyone out of ideas. Because I am a standard online shopping fans, before also encountered several disputes, through the network to promote the perfect solution. Now coincides with the 315 coming soon, so I shake my experience, is now clumsy.

first step: clear the context

a lot of friends once a dispute, eager to find the people theory, even attack or abuse, which is not correct and not rational behavior. In this way, even the rational will become irrational. When disputes arise, we must first calm down, go to look at the whole incident standing in the angle, look at the problems out there in the end? Who is wrong? Even if we accounted for, also cannot be too radical, in coordination with the relevant personnel, must be polite and civilized.

the focus of this step is to clarify the context, clear responsibility, find the crux of the problem and the reasons for. At the same time, once again stressed that no matter how much the loss of food, we must remain calm, restraint. Don’t be rude or uncivilized.

second step: rights strategy

our strategy is to go before the normal way rights, when this road is blocked, and then through the network to promote the way adults. For example, if you have a problem with Taobao shopping, and the owner should be coordinated; if the coordination to no avail, to Taobao complaints; if not given to solve or we are not satisfied with the results, and then to their superiors appeal; to no avail, find relevant complaints, such as the Department of industry and commerce, and Public Security Bureau etc..

we must not omit this way, even if you know that the complaint is not the case, but also to go through the normal process. The purpose of doing so is to some people after blocking the mouth, so that they have nothing to say. At the same time in the process of collecting material, abundant evidence. This process, or pay attention to politeness, and do not go on fighting with each other, don’t play Tai chi. If the other party is obviously perfunctory or mutual buck, directly open the words to say.

third steps: collecting materials

this step is very important, this is the truth and find evidence, otherwise, it is hard for us to go to the right dimension. The materials mentioned here include the following:

1, direct evidence. For example, when shopping, the other sent defective products is inconsistent with the description of the.

2, bad attitude. For example, the event itself may be small, but the other side is extremely bad attitude, and even personal attacks, >