Do you want to play content marketing Content often has a network of red is not often a master of th

net red, community, community, this is the hottest marketing keywords in 2016, everything with the content of the relevant. Into the mobile Internet era, the traditional SEO, SEM, CPM, CPC, has been unable to meet the marketing needs of start-up companies.

content often, the network is not often red, the master is more scarce

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Papi sauce fire, fire plus Luo Zhenyu et al financing events, a variety of network, network pushing hands, red red, red, red net net assault battalion training class are like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge from the underground


? How did not see you out before and after the fire? Papi sauce, all pretending that he is behind the red net? Often, but not always red net. I believe Papi sauce behind may also push N or individual content, just this one for opportune a color, the

of her?

this is like music, why Jonathan Lee and Luo Dayou can do because they can work in the limelight almost every ah, not to say who is who pushed the fire, but at least pushing people to fire up a lot! But the whole Chinese, and even the whole world and master several such


so I want to advise those who want to push their red net startups, and those who pretend to be the driving force behind the net red person or team, take the dead heart, Mo to be back like last year’s O2O, a typhoon, and mercilessly fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

forget self built network red, the product into content

, however, there is one thing we can not deny that it is entering the era of mobile Internet, content has become the largest source of traffic. We don’t need to say more, it’s a veteran content community. Wu Xiaobo, Qin Shuo channel circle of friends, gathered a large number of finance related fans, fellow uncle gathered a group of constellation interested in iron, even WeChat public, "my own room with gold" in less than 3 months time, attracted hundreds of thousands of love and share business review the case of friends.

we enter the public number to see, in addition to the color of the content, have had a "conversion button", such as Wu Xiaobo sell books, fellow uncle sell constellation peripheral products, and I do because the car door optometry glasses, of course, is for my fans to provide their own design glasses…

if you ask such sales for me? I can tell you, if no sales, why should that we never produce so much original content? I "Kim reception hall" public Lane friends quipped: love with gold with glasses, which is equivalent to pay him royalties the…

actually I want to tell you a secret, my "business review" to give me the public number of fans are not many, but I often use leisure, written in the "Iraq can be" in the headlines of some of the off