Kaka SEO10 the most basic website promotion method

1: first do the content of the site

is a website of the vitality of the final or on the content of the website, or why the webmaster every day to A5, behind, a push above to see the article, as well as QQ, Sina and other big portals? After all or because of their content. As for enterprises station and some small sites, we should try our best to write some original article, also must be at least some of the original artifacts, and to some portal stand or industry, we can transfer some of the other people’s site in the original foundation, the integration of all content to good together, forming their own web sites the content of style! In a word, the end can attract users of the factors is very much, but the content is the most important point! With my own blog, write some know and practice of SEO based knowledge, not only can put their data, and the most important help beginners faster some basic knowledge about, now let the website has achieved very good results!

Optimization of

2: website

I remember

has been emphasized in the blog in a sentence is "the website optimization services to website promotion, website promotion service in the network marketing, so the website optimization and promotion of the website plays the most basic role here, about the details see: Kaka SEO: on the net station 5 points before the promotion.

3: landing major search engines

After the promotion of

to do a good job, we will be able to search for more famous search engine website, to speed up their own web site included. At present we often Submit search engines: Baidu, Google, Sina, YAHOO, soso, Sogou, Youdao, MSN. I do not know how to do this, I usually fill out the information carefully, and then submit to each search engine again. Because the search engine included new sites have certain work cycle, not necessarily the right away, some people love one day every day to submit, submit several times, submit personal feeling once, it should be emphasized that a little, do not use the so-called automatic adding tools.

4: cooperation with navigation website

in the rapid development of the Internet era, the number of Internet users Chinese increase sharply, but don’t look like the rest of us every day in the Internet, the whole of the computer basic knowledge and operation ability is generally low, many people can not remember the domain name of the website. This time we can try to cooperate with some navigation site, after all, there are more than N Internet users still rely on them, we just need to add some of the columns in our website can be classified.

5: add links

believes that a role you know, here it is a reminder that we can change some similar links, and do not direct competitors do not exchange links, and some servers, such as gambling sites to exchange links, so that we have.