On the way of marketing through the success of American film

The United States took about

we certainly will not be unfamiliar, as Meitu Xiu Xiu’s a masterpiece, the United States took just two weeks quickly boarded the APP Store free download charts. Micro video 10 seconds, to create a different perspective feeling, shoot micro video quality whenever and wherever possible, the United States took to the simple atmosphere of your fun micro video, once again let everyone realize their dream director, also let the United States took a really hot.

on the current situation, the United States took has swept all kinds of "social circle", whether it is a star or civilians, everyone had awfully. However, many micro video industry products, why can the United States took to the commanding heights, has been recognized by the market, in addition to Meitu Xiu Xiu has laid a solid foundation, behind the success of what and what kind of marketing way?

one, keep up with the fashion wind, seize the market blank. This is due to the popularity of mobile phones, the camera has become a lot of people’s interests and habits. More and more people pay attention to how to get better and more attractive photos and videos. Photos seem to have been popular early, the photos have become one of the important resources in the circle of friends to share with you. For example, before dinner everyone after photographed before the start of the chopsticks; a new clothes after the first is "narcissism" two; when idle is also "show" a few and so on, through micro-blog, WeChat and QQ and space for everyone to share. This fashion has been photographed in the circle is very hot, but there are many blank but for this camera, mainly shooting pictures without pictures can be achieved, the birth of the United States took really is a good way to make up this gap, just 10 seconds of the video is for everyone to create a video, micro film well caught wind of this fashion.

the product gas PFP, let everyone become the protagonist. The United States took once again for us to provide some fresh experience to attract a lot of users, large groups rely solely on Meitu Xiu Xiu, we can all dignity software video shot lore. The United States took to continue to use Meitu Xiu Xiu’s popular entertainment in the people first line, in the lens inside every one of us is a hero, everyone through the lens to show yourself. The United States took to overcome before a lot of video software does exist a lot of problems, especially the PFP operation plane, launched the idea to shoot at once put to attract everyone integrated functions of capturing and editing software is one of the few in the shooting, although short ten shooting has been fully expressed love of life, beauty shot on the line from design to implementation are very down to earth, and the successful route of popular entertainment, makes one beauty take a sudden fire.

third, simple and light, not sloppy. Many users, used to download and install a lot of video capture software, to tell the truth is not a satisfactory, the operation is English, and one or two in the mobile phone directly lead to "death" of the state, all of this will make people "