How to ignite the tipping point of network marketing

to do business in the network marketing, network marketing will have professional solutions to plan, and this plan because of different industries, different enterprises will be different, so the content of the program will be different, although there are some similarities can be common and cannot cause the event marketing to the starting point, how to detonate the enterprise network marketing.

we all know Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola and one of many cases, everyone can know, is the "Coca-Cola online torch", this case is the starting point of network marketing. Because Coca-Cola has love interactive marketing, and the choice of the platform with a large group with strong creative, when Coca-Cola Tencent IM this platform, with three characteristics of network marketing events:

1 creative unlimited, creative marketing, attract eyeballs.

2 platform has sufficient influence, but also a massive class.

3 carried out the integration of marketing, the trend towards the effectiveness of network marketing.

in this case, the network marketing through advertising and the theme of the site as well as the situation of animation and greeting cards to form an organic combination of this form of an event plus word-of-mouth marketing. Because of the emergence of the network marketing detonated point, through the media to guide the creation of content, so this event also allows a lot of people to join Coca-Cola’s marketing, virtually become a member of Coca-Cola.

and the current network marketing to detonate the choices of the big flow website, forum, after the media’s attention, and attention and interaction of more people, after implantation of brand information and product information, which is to make full use of the spread of the Internet and the population aggregation function. But at this tipping point, there are some companies will take the high-end route, some companies will take a low-cost route to ignite the ignition point.

these problems now also have a critical stage, through the study of the new competitiveness network marketing management consulting, how to detonate, with what, in what time, what the platform for that a crowd to detonate, so this, it is a must have professional planning and strong creativity for accurate delivery, thereby forming a wide influence, the production of marketing force for the marketing of enterprises or products.

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