Wang Peng ceberg Theory in network marketing, do you understand

iceberg theory is a teacher in the logistics cost management and we mentioned, is a professor at Waseda University in Japan, Nishizawa Shu. Is that when people read the financial statements, only pay attention to financial statistics published in the enterprise logistics cost, which can only reflect part of the logistics cost, so there are a number of logistics costs is not visible. The logistics cost as floating on the surface of the iceberg, people can see the logistics cost to pay is the tip of the iceberg, and a lot of people are invisible to the sink in the water under the internal logistics cost consumed by the enterprise, when underwater logistics internal friction of the deep but above the water ice is small will cover up all kinds of problems. This phenomenon is only to reduce inventory, in order to expose the problem and solve it. This is the iceberg theory of logistics cost.

in management, the iceberg theory and a kind of explanation, that is all a staff can be regarded as an iceberg, appear in the vision of people is only 1/8, and can’t see, 7/8. For employees, the outside of the 1/8 is its qualifications, knowledge, behavior and skills, the following 7/8 is from the professional consciousness, professional ethics and professional attitude of the three aspects of the formation of the cornerstone.

So is the

network marketing, when we have the qualifications, knowledge, behavior and skills, their websites are almost done, technology is not a problem, but some internal things we are missing but many websites from the stop, no longer continue to move forward, that is, most of us only the tip of the iceberg, and that 7/8 is still in the water below, it is this 7/8, let us most webmaster to fail, because when we do the expectations are often very high, when after a period of time, not too big effect, then lost confidence and interest let oneself no longer as in the past, persevere……

a person’s success is often decided that the recessive factor of 7/8, and that only 1/8 can only explain some of your own skills performance out of your occupation, occupation attitude, consciousness, occupation morals are not reflected, the only us to shape to perfect, although we can not do a perfect person, but we can become a useful person, Why not?


before I wrote an article in SEO’s "user optimization", you are the winner of the article, we do network marketing is to seize the user, that is victory, users also like a iceberg, at the beginning we have only a small corner of the iceberg, the potential users are yet to dig out and this will we find ways to attract your customers, when we put the previous work done, including all the basic work of SEO, such as the quality of the chain must be good, the quality must be guaranteed, the anchor text must do this kind of cattle, our website from time to time is the outer chain, through we have a small corner of the "iceberg" to capture the ups and downs in the water inside the "iceberg", form a word-of-mouth marketing, a pass ten, ten pass.