The giant Baotuan startup wash sleep Big opportunities in big mergers

Abstract: the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach. This is the introduction of the Internet, the great vitality of self evolution. There are several big merger case on the Internet, on entrepreneurship, innovation lost confidence, said the light is not calm, that is too heavy Low.


these two days, a very interesting words in the Chinese Internet quickly became popular.

this sentence is: "where Ctrip also merged, people believe in love, but dare not believe brother innovation, wash sleep!" implying that even the giants are in the capital will be forced to spend the winter heating, and has formed the monopoly situation; then, the majority of resources money, brand and ability are limited company opportunity uncertainer.

straight to the point, as an Internet veteran, I want to take the opportunity to say no! Never exist, lies in innovation, is the vision, in fact consolidation still has the broad market opportunity. This period by the readers with "biographies" column to simple 81, interested friends can see all series of articles.


There was no parallel in history. consolidation

when people look back on the Chinese Internet in 2015, they will not hesitate to write down three words: the merger year.

is the day before yesterday, Ctrip, where suddenly a dramatic announcement that "together", this is the year following the software taxi drops and quick classification of information service, 58 city and go to the market, the local service group and the public comments of the fourth major merger. Moreover, all is the eldest of the SM, previous hit head broken and bleeding (especially the ground promotion team is really going to fight), now suddenly merged, known as the "love from the phase to the".

The Internet is Chinese BAT three mountains before

(Baidu Alibaba Tencent) holding a small giant, or even has not spared. Just last week, the king of online video Youku has been wholly owned by Alibaba to eat, previously, Shopaholic Ma has been the UC, high moral integrity of the bag.

want to know, these companies have almost known as the fourth pole outside the BAT ah, have dreamed of ten billion dollars of listed companies. However, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.

[Jingdong music as millet drops have been proved to have the opportunity]

drops, fast, 58, the market, the U.S. group, comments, Ctrip, where to go…… When the merger of the Internet giant has become a trend, then the industry is a big pattern is a foregone conclusion, whether the new players have the opportunity to have an opportunity for innovators? This is the last few months entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue.

my answer is, there’s a chance!

‘s popular pessimism now reminds me of a real history: in nineteenth Century, a famous foreign scientist believed that science and technology had developed to