How to use Sina blog to promote Taobao shop

Sina blog to promote Taobao store overview

believe that many people have used the Sina blog to promote Taobao shop, I remember in 2010 by Sina blog promotion Taobao store swept all the boom, which is also the most popular, many Taobao stores use blog to promote, they take account into the female number, get a beautiful picture to attract you go around and visit, the day can also accumulate five hundred visit you in some other blog to send note or evaluation to promote Taobao shop. There are Taobao shop with a blog to do Baidu search optimization, but do very little. Today the IT Adsense nets to give you talk about how to use the Taobao Taobao store method to promote natural flow of hundreds of no, maybe some Taobao stores that Sina blog promotion has become obsolete, it’s not as long as you believe a word "as long as Taobao in the Sina blog, but also put the article recommended to the first page is not out of date" now, Baidu space and QQ space has to pay attention to the blog from the media. It can be said that the blog is now more popular than ever, due to Baidu’s original articles of attention, basically all of the site’s blog space weights are very high. If you do not believe you can go to Baidu space to see the basic article is difficult to understand, but Baidu space can not be included in the restrictions on the flow of visitors so do not promote. Now use Taobao QQ and Sina business find space blog to promote the Taobao store is quite good, in the search engine Sina blog and return far more than QQ space is better, we all know that the QQ space can be Baidu revenue, at a time when many friends QQ space settings cannot be asked. In the blog, Sina blog search engine ranking is the most outstanding, good nonsense not say to the point.

analysis blog keyword

how to use blog to promote Taobao shop need to analyze the product name index, and then to set the keywords of blog and get a better ranking, such as you are a clothing store, then you need to go to the webmaster tools to analyze the index of keywords, as shown in figure



in the query graph we can see that the key is our industry keywords can also be its name, is a popular index in Baidu search volume of the day, the above 2732 is the clothing design words within a day by 2732 people search. For our Taobao store, looking for a small amount of search keywords is enough, then have to be in line with their own industry and store keywords so as to get the target customers from the search engine. The name of our Sina blog is to set the search keywords. Taobao shop name + industry search keywords as Sina blog name. The amount of keywords must not be less than 50, no more than 100, no one of our blog in the search engine ranking less than home page.

settings optimized Sina blog

set up the Sina blog name, a slogan written on the Taobao store in < > seckill in blog