Marketing to do a good job of human + services (products) + advertising

in the first week that marketing people business era, the threshold of entrepreneurship! Because the current is very low, as long as you have a good idea or a good product, you can start to sell, if you think the online cost will be high, so you can put the product or service to online sales this will save part of the cost.

precisely because of this, more and more people to sell things, look at the number of shops on Taobao know. But some people worry about joy, the reason is nothing more than a good marketing person who can’t do marketing due to the mixed.

marketing, the word seems simple, really can do it is less and less, will play the marketing people can have the same things as you sell better than you, even the price higher than you, will not play marketing even if you only go to fight the price, to the last possible to own the scars.

so you want to do a good job marketing week tournament that you want to understand and do it in order to get twice the result with half the effort:

1, human

human nature is a wonderful thing, everyone has his own character label, each group of people has the character attributes belonging to this group, when different people experience the same thing, there may be a common idea…

marketing plainly is to sell your product or service to your customers, your customer is not only refers to a person who is a whole, so you can know when this group of people what they want in the face of a product? Factors determine whether they consume what? What kind of way and they can resonate and empathy?…

because if you do not understand these words, you and your customers different frequency, their hearts and you want to express is not the same thing, then the results can be imagined!

2, service (product)

above, even if you really understand human nature, you can pay, let the customer the most willing to ask, if your product or service can not withstand the test of customers, it will be short-lived business. The most important thing is that you will lose 2 important things: 1 your reputation; 2, loyal customer;

without the word of mouth and no repeat customers loyal customers, will mean that you can not develop for a long time, you can not do a good brand. So in order to do brand, we must first ensure that you have a good product and service.

3, ad

is not afraid of deep alley this sentence in the present is not suitable, even if you have a very good product, if we do not know, then you can "indulge in self-admiration", not to mention the value of equivalent exchange. So it is very important.

but there is a marketing guru said, a lot of companies do not know where the 50% of their advertising spend. This question is very strict