Six valuation $1 billion Unicorn company why was bad mouthing

, web content editing tools Syrah founder Josh · Dixon wrote that the unicorn is not ever-young, we will see the unicorn company dead phenomenon sooner or later, and bear the brunt is probably Evernote. The first half of this year, the famous Silicon Valley investor Bill · Gayle predicted that 2015 will have at least one dead Unicorn company.

in addition to Evernote, stepped down from the altar of the unicorn, in fact there are many. Now, we also list some domestic and overseas companies: they are once valued at more than 1 billion, become the "unicorn", but is still not listed, and have been or are out of bad mouthing the sound. Of course, as unicorns, there are few companies completely failed, but among these companies, some in the search for a new round of financing, and some have been discounted acquisitions, some are brewing the next wave of transition after the journey. Anyway, it’s not a smooth ride.

attributed here, most only so few: when the rise is standing in the air, but can not keep up with the new wind; or be with new technologies to our competitors in the market; or is in rapid growth after blind expansion but the damage to the foundation. We do not want to see the decline of any company, but these companies came to see the reason behind the sound, it suggests that all entrepreneurial companies remain vigilant, after all, who can say that BAT will not fall


year, Facebook and Linkedin, the listed company before the high valuation is still relatively rare, like the "unicorn" generally rare mystery, and now, a large number of companies have reached this standard, and a wave of valuation record was created. Uber more than 50 billion U.S. dollars, Airbnb more than $20 billion, nearly $50 billion millet…… However, the financing of overheating and high valuation of the company is also easy to deal with the problem: once the air outlet is no longer, the stock market shocks affect investment, unicorn light will disappear. We list the unicorn company still encounter such a situation, in recent years new Unicorn companies, also should learn a lesson. For the high valuation of the GEM companies more and more, must spend in financing before reaching their target as the unicorn, made or prior experience.

domestic articles:

1, the United States Mission

This year’s

beauty group, an unlucky year. From the beginning of the end of a new round of financing $700 million financing, the year will spread a variety of unfavorable rumors. The failure of financing from serious losses, this is not the only one. Although the U.S. made a scathing rumor, but also attracted a lot of voices.

in fact, attracted a lot of suspicion, but also because the U.S. group started the group purchase mode, after the rapid decline of the carnival, many sites have disappeared in group purchase group, as a leader of the Legion of soldiers There is not much left. group purchase. "