4 tips to help you build your own network

      before looking for customers, must have a clear positioning of their main products. Positioning considerations:

      A; market. You want to know your product quality and product concepts suitable for the main market which is in Europe or the Middle East?

      B; strength. You need to know your market strategy

      the corresponding requirements have the ability, such as whether you have the first-class sales and marketing representative, your business if there is a unified corporate culture identity and the sense of mission, your organization is complete………… If and when you find a lot of flaws and vulnerabilities, you can not ask too high goals and market energy. Because even if you win the customer, but the late service can not keep up, customers still want to run away. Therefore, immediate action must be taken to improve immediately.

      C; product. Do you want to know if your product has room for improvement, especially for your target market, there are reasons for improvement. General product improvements in addition to technical aspects, as well as brand packaging and conceptual packaging. In fact, the current international trade market competition depends on the competition of products and services, the service advantage is not very obvious, but also to highlight the concept of the product. I remember the chairman of a group company in Dongguan told me: "now the competition is not about the quality of placement in the competition concept, we do not sell the quality, but the concept, in the premise of quality under the same concept of good price high. Because the quality is the most basic attributes of the product, and now talk about the quality of competition, has been out of date".

      after the positioning is clear, is concerned about the development of customer channels and skills:

      A; fair. Domestic and foreign fair is the most direct and most effective way to get to know customers. To make full use of.

      B, also from some government agencies (such as embassies and commercial office etc.) can also be learned and customer credit data.

      C; network. The Internet is the cheapest channel tool, through browsing the foreign BTOB type electronic commerce platform, the understanding customer and the understanding customer, establishes the business contact and the contact preparation material.

      D; e-commerce.