Gome enabled igome.com deletion Shuangpin ace domain

renamed China (eName.cn) July 29th hearing, according to the domain name Forum (dnbbs.com) users broke the news, Gome Holdings Limited, use the creative igome.com build Gome’s official website domain name. The official website of the original website for the sake of the reason for the suspension of the service, has now returned to normal, and now with the I domain name with the same page.

According to Sina micro-blog

@ Gome said, "the United States official domain name has been updated to igome.com, the official domain name gome.cn will soon be converted to the United States online domain name and domain name gome.com.cn continue to use the original Gome online". For the "Gome" enabled I domain name on the line, some netizens said that the domain name is not in the ocean, with Larry is king; some people think that the domain name and "patriotic beauty" homophonic, creative. read more

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Millet headset dual eleven new release did not see its first heard the sound

At present, many users have

discussion, and to the domestic electronic products "and" season, circle of friends have all been millet scraper. In the end what makes millet in just a few years has tens of millions of loyal customers, the new release of millet will bring what kind of surprise?

produced by passing the torch of conscience

since November 2015, millet in the dual eleven released millet circle of iron headphones, circle of iron headphones from the warm-up to the market just a few months on the lap of the sales network of iron headphones. Throughout the same period of the same type of product sales, only Jingdong mall, Tmall mall two e-commerce platform, millet circle of iron headphones on the continued success of selling products champion. Millet ring iron headphones in the end what is unusual, much of the favor of consumers read more

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When choosing a domain name which should be noted

simple to, a site is composed of domain name, space, content. The domain name is like the road to success, like the name of a brand. Therefore, the choice of the appropriate domain name for the future development of the site, the establishment of the brand plays a vital role.

what should we pay attention to when choosing a domain name?

first, the domain name must match the name of the site. How your web site called webmaster nets, you can find some webmaster more familiar with Pinyin and English letters as domain names. Many webmaster nets using the ZZ combination, on behalf of the webmaster. Figure Wang’s webmaster network is used by some of the more familiar admin alphabet as a domain name characters. This makes it easy for users to remember. Of course, we also see some of the more avant-garde domain name used by many sites, some PI, some N numbers, some super long pinyin. These domain name website we can only be regarded as a temporary entertainment, not as a long-term development of the brand. For example, I now in Nantong before the marriage, is a English meters, although still relatively short, but the feeling is not conducive to the input, so I use pinyin meters, www.nthunjia.com is the direct Pinyin input, Nantong marriage is simple, with the public’s memory. read more

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Pat Network Closed the legacy of no solution outstanding by the who carry

April 1st, the country has been positioned in the second largest electricity supplier after Taobao – pat Network officially closed. However, death is not the end – now, pat on the Internet a number of businesses, is a series of historical issues and headaches.

public information, 2014, reached a strategic cooperation of e-commerce Tencent and Jingdong, the pat Network incorporated subsidiary of Jingdong; in November 10, 2015, Jingdong announced that pat Network will no longer accept new sellers settled in the application, and in April 1, 2016 will be completely shut down pat, pat Network will be incorporated into the original team of other departments of the Jingdong group. read more

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Spell price clear inventory business trap and electricity supplier homogeneous competition

"double 11"

who can win?

"double 11" is coming, how to deal with the line shops? Reporter survey found that the price fight experience and even Internet have become Baotuan marketing features of this "double 11" line shops. However, although the electricity supplier promotions are frequently Tucao, but the reporter observed that the line of retail sales promotion is also caught in the same embarrassment with the online electricity supplier, in addition to fight the price, but also become a brand to inventory channels. Homogenization, this year’s double 11 who can win it? read more

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How to choose open shop to make money

nowadays, open shop has become a lot of "migrant workers" dream, has become one of the important way many young people choose entrepreneurship. However, there are still a lot of people who have the idea to open shop in the face of a huge variety of goods difficult to choose, do not know what they want to sell, not sure what to sell products to achieve profitability. The course of the open shop count also has two or three years, here to talk about the experience in the choice of goods shop, in order to play a valuable role. read more

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When Bei, 17TV help you take off a single event, the end of love 17 is not alone

just finished the double eleven carnival, the major Internet TV manufacturers are relying on discounts, cash back, buy gifts and other conventional means of promotion news continue to attack cities and capture territories, and quickly seize a large market. 17TV is just the opposite, not only has always been adhering to the "sale principle of tip of goods does not discount, but also intimate netizens worry about marriage, hand in hand when the shellfish market held a" love together, 17TV to help you take off a single send TV "love activities. read more

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Double 11 courier hangover has not been eliminated or need to digest 1 to 2 weeks

daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) the express company will mainly focus on the "double 11" distribution, to avoid the explosion occurred at the same time, it will influence the big promotion after several days of express delivery.

a consumer to reporters reflect, until yesterday, its November 13th purchase of goods is still not in place. The consumer view of logistics tracking information found that the goods ordered in the morning of 14 by the merchant to choose EMS shipments, and from the beginning of the 15 Guangzhou. But the record is always in Guangzhou. 7 days later, the package is always on the way. Although the consumer has repeatedly looking for businesses to communicate, but no results. As of press time reporter, the courier has not yet updated information. read more

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The European Yeyun’s opening up a 30% stake in the introduction of strategic investors 8


] February 10th news billion state power network, the day before, Baosteel announced its steel business platform "European Yeyun business" will be through the introduction of staff and outside investors to increase their investment in core shareholding scheme, increase the size of not more than 1 billion 28 million 568 thousand shares, the total stake of not more than 30%. After the capital increase the total share capital of not more than 3 billion 428 million 568 thousand shares, the total shares of Baosteel and Baosteel International Holdings proportion diluted to not less than 35.7%. read more

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Brief analysis how to develop customer relationship

now do not know if you have not felt our QQ space and WeChat circle of friends into a supermarket? Almost what has to sell, what ah ah, shoes, clothes, cosmetics and so on, and even some supermarkets have in our space and circle of friends can see, like overseas purchasing the smoke outside, etc..

is this a good thing,


you may be doing micro business, you will feel that this phenomenon is very good, very convenient. But you have not thought about, QQ space, WeChat circle of friends, is a social tool inside information should be related to social life and is close to friends, frankly say, this is to let you bask in your mood, your troubles and so on, he is not for commercial, from beginning to end, Tencent the official did not define commercial, but we were to abruptly into the supermarket… read more

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