Xining Municipal Committee of civilization to the public an open letter

citizen friends:

2008 Xining Chuangwei, bright and colorful surge high and sweep forward to tackle, compose a tenacious struggle, the people of the city through together doing big things magnificent paean. Xining Chuangwei, temper the will and character; Chuangwei, show the image and style of the plateau. At present, the city is to carry out in-depth study and practice activities of Scientific Outlook on Development, the municipal government and the people of the city, with heroic passion and pioneering and enterprising spirit, great enterprise engaged in the construction of a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau of central city in modernization. read more

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Problem oriented is the key

The control of "national civilized city evaluation system" 9 categories of 369 indicators, the 252 basic standards, accounting for 68.3%; 104 indicators is not stable, easy to rebound, accounting for 28.2%; 13 indicators have not yet reached the standard of national civilized city. These problems and deficiencies, some of which are limited by the objective conditions, more subjective efforts are not enough. According to the requirements of "seize the key and difficult points, consolidate strengths, improve weaknesses", lack of control spot remediation, one leak filled, focus and concentrate time and effort, the key breakthrough, must not be left blank, leaving, to ensure that the index does not create drop points. read more

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Xining South Ring Expressway across the board from the left through the whole line through the end o

October 31st, the province’s first two-way six lane highway – Xining South Ring Expressway across the left through. "We will focus on the overall design, system construction, the pursuit of excellence, quality and efficient policy construction, the construction time is limited, pay close attention to the residual subgrade pavement, bridge construction, to ensure that all through the end of December." Liu Yanjiang, deputy general manager of the General Contracting Department told reporters.

as "12th Five-Year" key construction projects, a total length of 59.765 kilometers, the investment budget of 10 billion 278 million yuan in Xining South Ring Expressway is established in Qinghai since the new China one-time largest investment, technical level and the highest technology content of highway construction project. Across the board with a two-way six lane Expressway standard, the design speed of 100 km; consists of 11 separate interchange, 6 tunnels, 52 bridges, a total length of 25 kilometers and accounted for 42% of the total length of the route.

according to the Qinghai Provincial Administration of highway construction project office director Ma Shengkui introduction, Xining south highway has entered the final stage. Its construction, in order to crack the city of Xining, things crowded, North and south is not good, the traffic dilemma, and then expand the city to mention the provision of a basic support. After completion of the project, and the existing Lanxi highway, a highway, Huang Ning expressway, expressway, West Nanjing Road and Xining West cross level transit highway connections, forming the main backbone of the road network in the urban area of Xining city as the core to the surrounding radiation. At the same time, the formation of Xining into a network into a ring of the city’s overall traffic pattern, and open up the second high-speed channel to Xining to safe, conducive to the development of the eastern part of the Xining city group.   read more

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Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau to take five measures to strengthen the administration accordi

in the first half, the city administration in accordance with the municipal government "safety supervision work requirements, earnestly carry out safety supervision according to law, the city’s various types of production safety accidents all indexes in the control range.

one is to adhere to the implementation of the administration according to law "number one" project. the establishment of safe production responsibility system of administrative law enforcement work leading group, according to the law of administrative work in an important schedule, held once a month in the Secretary’s office meeting to study the administration according to law, the city’s production safety administration gradually embarked on a standardized track, to promote the safe production of the administrative law enforcement work smoothly.
two is to enhance learning, improve the level of law enforcement. in team building to highlight the "two equal": daily training and combat exercises both aiming at the problems existing in the law enforcement, law enforcement personnel to carry out training and combat training in various forms, 13 comrades made a law enforcement certificate. read more

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Three college admission candidates in our province 3105

Reporters from the province in 2015 college entrance examination admitted fourth press conference was informed that, on August 3rd -11, the province conducted the third batch of undergraduate admission. This batch of admission colleges is mainly independent colleges, private colleges, foreign cooperative education and undergraduate joint schools, planned enrollment of 3115 people (of which 1155 literature and history, science and engineering 1960), the actual enrollment of 3105 people (of which 1202 literature and history, science and engineering 1903).

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The Muslim north demolitions of coal-fired boiler washing

in order to further improve the quality of the air environment in our region, to create a good living environment, and effectively reduce the urban soot pollution, and actively promote the establishment of national environmental protection model city. August 26th north of the city of Xining District Environmental Protection Bureau forced removal of the north of the plateau plateau Islamic washing service center of a ton of coal-fired boilers, to curb the phenomenon of black smoke.
North will continue to further promote the "blue sky project" carry out, effectively consolidate the coal-burning pollution remediation work. read more

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The Local Taxation Bureau held a special supervisors forum open remonstrance

Recently, the Local Taxation Bureau held a special supervisors forum, deputy secretary Ma Wuxin presided over the meeting, the four District Bureau of discipline inspection team leader and the Council offices responsible person to attend the meeting

recently, the Local Taxation Bureau held a special supervisors forum, deputy secretary Ma Wuxin presided over the meeting, the four District Bureau of discipline inspection team leader and the Council offices responsible person to attend the meeting. read more

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Xining city began heating

Xining heating period from October 15th to April 15th next year. The reporter visited the provincial capital of a large number of days of central heating station, District, residents of the home and gas service hall, for the reader presents a full range of winter heating preparedness in Xining city.

– real estate department convened a forum to solve the heating problem

of quality and service can not meet the requirements of users, will be promptly corrected, to stop heating malicious or serious acts against the interests of the masses, will be severely dealt with.

– provincial central heating station "big brother" ready. read more

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Xining chased 11 strokes clean city

—- pet "casual" phenomenon — attack the city "psoriasis"

– set up in the urban green land will be punished according to the law to combat the sale of waste oil behavior

this year, Xining city is a city "model" crucial years, Xining City Administration Bureau with the current focus, identified 11 special rectification. The 11 special rectification governance includes littering, throwing animal corpses, unauthorized occupation of pets, blind people do not clean up pet waste, and "drainage oil", "psoriasis" law against the city governance etc.. Special rectification from the beginning of March, the end of December. read more

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Xining 10 quantitative grading management of tableware centralized disinfection hygiene standards

is currently included in the quantitative management of Xining City, 10 tableware centralized disinfection companies can meet the requirements of the specification.

Xining has made quantitative level of the enterprise, the disinfection production process layout is reasonable, the operation area setting can ensure the continuity of tableware disinfection in non operation area, functional area clear, reasonable set of cleaning and disinfection process, and reached a total area of not less than the total area of 500 square meters, the operating area of not less than 300 square meters. Request. Health supervision department under the supervision of Frequency Quantization, a supervision and inspection once every six months, B quarterly inspection once every two months, C monitoring time, did not get the grade a monthly inspection. The tableware sampling monitoring two consecutive pass rate of less than 95% units of tableware disinfection, disinfection tableware tableware used by health regulators notice to stop using the unit provided by the units, units do not use tableware by the health supervision department to stop the use, by the regulatory authorities in accordance with the "food safety law" given administrative punishment. read more

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